Error37 – Succ my life


artist: Error37
title: Succ my life
keywords: debut, things, errors, thirties, sevens, other, things, to, put, here, ya

I was browsing through our backlog of FB messages (and by that I mean only the recent ones that we sometimes get to…we really only post reviews on the page and the rest seems to go by the wayside, but hey we suck!) when I stumbled across one by an artist near and dear to my heart, purely for selfish reasons.

We got to talkins and they mentioned things released on their label (of which they describe as “objectively we put out music for 14 yr old russian children and poorly adjusted american adults.” Oh, don’t we all know them…*sigh*

Moving on! I was put onto this ‘Succ my life’ by the so-called Error 37. Let’s take a listen, shall we?

Ed Geins Mean Bean Machine starts off all weirdy synthy until it goes all screamy and core to da core. It’s fun. A very fun combination. I can’t understand half the screamy parts but it was cool.

I am super diggin the synth choices and the percussion is fun as the intro of Sir Dewsteins Revenge. I heard cunt! Swell. In fact, I’m going to go out on a limb here and say a song that says cunt automatically rises 10 points on the awesome meter. It’s a good word. It gets so ungfhgjbdfvbcdv and then gets into these catchy segments. And normally I despise these types of vocals and such but it works and it works well so I like it. I’m headbangings and dancing aggressively and then a happier dance and yeah. WOO. This isn’t very objective is it? Still, despite me taking four hours or more to get around listening to this it’s good. Oh man, so savage. I got slightly hard from that.

Oh fuck. Super dancey. Up and down arm motions, before more aggressive dancing. XxKangaCorexX gets a bit different. Seems quite a bit more epic. I can’t help but chuckle as I hear that synth playing behind all the GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR
RRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. Then some sick fuckin key section. Just wanna leetttt goooo. Fuck em all, turn it up and stomp on the ground (sorry not sorry downstairs neighbors). Aw man, my problem now? (I’m referring to lyrics here) I thought we were all gonna leave each other alooooone. The instrumentation is absolutely hitting the right feels and these piggish squeals and tickling me in places that I knew not were ticklish. Oh. it ended. Well shit.

More of the same so far, electronic intros and then blasting into the drums and guitars of what is becoming apparently obvious the signature of Error37. Tis great though. A regular ol grand ol fuckin fantastic sonic experience and other pretentious words and maybe some flawlessly crafted expletives that include more than fuck (which I have been saying too much, I’ll try to come up with some other alternative, wish me luck). Oh yeah, this one is called Relaxulate. I mean, I’m not exactly relaxing, but that’s cool too. Don’t really want to relax with these deep voices telling me something.

Seriously though, these are excellenty crafted and I don’t give a shit suckin, flyin cunt, greaseball menagereal bowl of not making much sense but still not caring if others don’t think so. See, this type of stuffs is why I loved getting into reviewing in the first place. The unexpected fantastic pop ups that I would have never listened to normally. This comes and goes though. You stay in it for too long and you get restless, waiting for the next thrill. Take a break, come back and the door will be opened again. Also a good tip for drugs or sex, ya know gotta increase the potency of the experience. Just saying.

Cpt. Cone Puncher starts out…PUNCHY. Also, I giggle every time I see that title. You know, I’ve been doing a terrible job of paying attention to the lyrics. Well, might as well continue that. Ho shit. We got a hell of a lot more punchy in the middle of the track. The juxtaposition and the heavier emphasis on the synths. A nice touch. Think it drives the message home. Which is probably punching cones. Lots of em.

I also have done a terrible job of saying anything of substance. I tend to when I’m having a good time, and also I try not to sound like a pretentious piece of shit. I mean, it happens, I can’t help it, but yeah whatevs. This is somewhat relevant as My Fingers Run Faster Than My Brain. Though, with the amount of notes being played, that might also be true. Gee willikers. Oh shit. That’s right, this album is also about the  s  u  c  c  in relation to one’s life. The tale spun for this one sounds a bit sad. Not being able to get someone out of your head and then bad times and such. Bah. I relate. Relation is like, important n shit. I think. Sometimes anyways. Still, it brought up some bad times. Oh well, fuck them anyways (not the artist, the person I’m thinkin of).

Ha. I enjoy this title too. Ruining Art as a Medium. Has been explored but it’s still good. Also, I can’t help but think of The Rock’s entrance music when I hear those first four chords. Sorry. Stupid, I know but it FUCKIN HAPPENS. This one is like not like softer just more like uh well it seems easier for those of us without the screamin throats to sing along the entire time. Oooooooh. I mean, to be fair, my mom is fuckin awesome but the whole like gettin fucked by a dude that’s 26 years older (age difference between my parents, because everyone totally asked) than me is well, not appealing. Not at this stage in my life anyway. Maybe one day.

I feel the rage. L8_17 comes out firing on all cylinders and throat chopping any cockshitter (see? variety!) that decides to stand in it’s path. Whoops, shook my head so much that the headphones flew off. \m/. Anywho, this whole energy is pretty dope.

Majora’s Mask hasn’t even started and I already have high hopes. That game was incredible, even if I like played only portions of it. The aliens on the ranch scared the shit out of me, but I was still obsessed with the game. Twas so dark and greatness. This follows a bit more well like I gave into the void and now let’s do void things because that’s the thing to do and it feels good so let’s do it. Well, I don’t about the rest of you, but I think Imma have to cream my jeans to this song. HRNG. OK that was good.

If you also want to have explosive orgasms, whip your genitalia and other fun bits out, while letting the music guide you to thrashing oblivion bliss, then please, take a look at the link below:

I had a good time. So should you. And again if you don’t, then fuck you. Sort of. Kind of. Maybe. If you’re into it. I guess I should just say, I love you instead. Yeah, that works.


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