blackhumour / Gimp Gash – blackhumour / Gimp Gash Split

Artists: blackhumour / Gimp Gash
Title: blackhumour / Gimp Gash Split
Keywords: experimental experimental experimental sound collage noise sound collage United States

Blackhumour’s incantatory feels as if we have tuned into a female robot that was on the verge of declaring war onto the humans but yet got stricken by one glitchy error. One that made her twist her digital tongue, falling over it & doing this over and over again until the expression becomes some kind of melting pot in which words become a incoherent audio soup. If you are hungry and feel like spooning it up without using your teeth; it’s pretty ready for consumption.

With it being a lengthy one, we all have plenty of time to slowly drown into it, soaking it up through both the ears as if they are sponges. The result is perhaps not the end of the world, no doom or gloom, or some deconstructive destruction of all that surrounds us; but rather a relaxing episode of seeing this robot crumble into a object ready to be a melted case of scrap metal. It’s a pleasure to hear, as strangely it calms down and satisfies; the more the computerized robot chips fries up for our humble pleasure, the tastier the soup becomes.

Gimp Gash goes for a similar event with her track named ‘Incantation’. Here we can hear much more words forming sentences, they don’t seem to encounter a glitch but instead seem to follow each other in a rapid speed, creating a chatterbox audio scape that feels poetic, intense and pretty much able to silence your own train of thoughts. In fact they might just walk all over your own voices in your head, or adding themselves so it becomes a integrated case of vocal schizophrenic action.

We can hear the voice going from step to step, making me feel delirious and wonky. There are some moments that the voice would drop and hide down low, but she would always reappear to make you feel like you have been hallucinating with a troubling blurry mind. Taking pills against insanity might not at all be of any help when tuning into this split. But it’s a nice kind of insanity, so why not invite it in?

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