Chelidon Frame – Granularities Vol​.​2

Artist: Chelidon Frame
Title: Granularities Vol​.​2
Keywords: experimental ambient electronic experimental electronic improvisation manyfeetunder melodramatic Italy
Label: manyfeetunder/homemadelabel

In all honesty my mind has been recently flying away on pink fluffy clouds, making me personally not at all interested in hearing all the music and non music that these fine musicians (and non musicians) have been bombarding our mailboxes with. So sorry if things have become slower here thanks to that , but once the cloud lands, I’m sure my mind is on the case again like a true maniac.

Luckily for all of us, this fine release of granularities somehow did pass the revue of things that immediately spoke to the mood that I’m in. The fluffy pink cloud mood… as in all honesty; the music here feels very similar. It will make you feel like you are flying while just relaxing softly on such a soft cloudy audio cloud. The warmth and softness underneath your listening bottom will be gracefully carried away by these pleasant audio-scapes, you know; just like feathers for your graceful behind! Nice, fluffy, soft and perhaps a bit tickling.

With a pleasant repetition of a sublime droning kind, (something that makes the perfect backdrop for the more forward tones of a emotional sounding guitar) the release captures that floating feeling to great lengths. The guitar is sounding so emotional that somehow I feel like offering it a tissue. You know, for the possible tears that the guitar might be having. It’s beautiful though, so if anything, I believe it’s more tears of beauty than sadness. Pink clouds are beautiful too & so is the high view from such a cloud; hearing this granularity work and flying such a cloud really seem to go well together.

Especially the last work on the release, it will give you that vibe of being all soothed up, snuggled up in a fluffy escape of love. Some chains rattle nicely in the backdrop for rhythmic purposes, but the music is so high and light over here that they needed that weight not to fly away all together. I mean it would have been a real shame if the track would have flown away from the EP, so let’s say thank goth for the shackled chains. Thank Goth! … The mellow melody is soulful and heartfelt; it made my fluffy cloud vehicle change colors. From light pink to dark pink and middle pink-ish again; maybe if you look in the sky you can see your reviewer flying on this cloud… maybe you can see a bird flying over, opening it’s gaping bird hole and aiming a fresh bird shit right in your face. Anyway, I’m glad that music like this exist as otherwise it would be rather silent here these days. Check it out, fluffy people:

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