DMLLL – Short Tales Of Winter

Artist: DMLLL
Title: Short Tales Of Winter
Keywords: experimental turkey classical neoclassical türkiye violin Washington
label: Verses Records
reviewer: david de kabouter

A violin…

[ insert loud cheering sounds ]

Okay, okay I know you can’t help it, but let us settle down over here, all keep calm and tranquilize yourself a bit as even though I know most of our readers will be super enthusiastic when they know that there is violin music to be heard & we simply don’t want a stampede of listeners all tumbling over each other when they know that this release is pretty much all filled up with violin! But yes… the violin…

[ insert loud cheering sounds ]

Yep, the violin… This very popular instrument among our readers had never ceased its popularity. Always ready to poke a tear, bring a uplifting tone or add some dreaminess to a French art house movie. But as a stand alone instrument on this album it certainly seems to have worked hard to have the right to be on its own. I mean of course the violin cannot do anything without a person who plays it, i mean without a violin player it would be just a recording of nothing…

^ look a fine example of nothing.

[ insert loud cheering sounds ]

Yes I know, such a example is indeed worth lots of cheers! but you know whats worth more cheers of appreciation? yep: a violin.

and a video clip:
The good news is that for this album the violin indeed had teamed up with a violin player. In fact it’s this violin player’s debut album. I do not think it’s the first violin album, but that’s of non importance. In any case the debuting violin player and the violin seem to have done a good job to work together. Imagine if they didn’t; there wouldn’t have been a album at all to talk about, or if they worked together but not very good; it wouldn’t be a album you would get excited about. Unless it was a case of so bad so good?

[ insert loud cheering sounds ]

Yes, cases of so bad that they are good are truly popular, but that’s simply not the case over here. It’s not bad at all, you see? Also next to the violin there is a bass and some piano… I mean, you get truly worth your money if you invest in this beauty.
As yes, this album hits all the right boxes; the violin (check!) , the violin player (check) the music compositions for them to play (check) , it being recorded (check) it being released (check) it having a front cover (check) I mean there is probably lots more to say (check) but instead I would just like you to ‘check’ it out.

[ insert loud cheering sounds ]

Yes, check it out!

Unfortunately there is one (check) missing… is it out? ( unchecked! ) ! But that doesn’t mean you can’t preview some very lovely violin tracks before it’s out. Enough to seduce you into getting the preorder. Although it must be said, just the word ‘violin’ should be enough to throw your money towards it; who can resist the violin especially when it’s played? And not just normally played, but played excellently? I can’t … so see you later people, I’m clicking the following link and get myself some violin!

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