Shibuya Sex Party – Shibuya Sex Party

Artist: Shibuya Sex Party
Title: Shibuya Sex Party
Keywords: chiptune electronic chiptune gameboy noise porn trippy-h Brighton
Format: floppy disk
Label: Loser Crew Recordings

I don’t know about you, but we certainly could lose some steam over here. Meanwhile with no intention at all to hear music other than our own (we have been flying around on a productive pink fluffy cloud of love you see?) our mailboxes are being penetrated hard with uncountable requests to check them out. We always listen to a album or a release in its entirety, but checking a lot of them swiftly out; they are all like long players that didn’t fit the mood of love that we are in. Luckily there was this little gem; a quicky! It might not be a lovely romantic one, but it does somehow feel like a bringer of quick tension relief,

So what is it? It’s a hectic business; the Shibuya Sex Party business. It involves sexual activities, some intensive moans of enjoyment and of course the adorable sounds that form the manic grounds for the evidently quickly produced fake orgasms. When attending the Shibuya Sex Party you can expect a busy show that parades by in seconds, with speedy seedy entertainment that goes from one horny scene into another. Think cute pixel clothes, inventive things that they can do with lollipops and dancing.

The only thing is that it is all so quick, making it really hard to get aroused, it’s more as if you have been zapping through a quick selection of Shibuya Sex Party workers / entertainers and in the end you will be left with the feeling of having to make up which one you will pick to perform a longer show in private. That show isn’t available on this teasing teaser of a tension releaser, but somehow you can probably attend if you have the right imagination to do so.

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