Nanaki – Epilogue

Artist: Nanaki
Title: Epilogue
Keywords: alternative alternative rock art rock experimental rock indie indie rock instrumental manx post-rock Douglas

With atmospheric allure that made me think of a lonely cowboy on a horse galloping towards the rising sun, this release seems to open. It’s a modern cowboy, as the hooves make electric programmed sounds to bring the atmosphere towards its destination. The Melody that grasp this scenery is highly warming and is played out on a melancholic guitar and I believe a bass. There are no modern cowboy vocals or voices in general, leaving truly the space open for a listening listener’s imagination to become this figurative cowboy/cowgirl yourself and face the beautiful instrumental landscape of a land that slowly gets revealed by sun light.

Apparently the makers from the official billion dollar music video had the smart idea to not reveal any of these details & instead give you this expensive green looking fog to be mystified with. Perfect, as so you can still rely on your own imagination of galloping that horsy into the prairie…

The music story goes on with ‘I Still Remember’ which adds a little poison to the scenery. As if the cowboy had realized that the can of beans( that was in the pocket for breakfast consumption) has no way to be opened! But halfway the music twist itself around and instead of being sad and giving in to failure, the track finds other ways to crack open this can of beans. With a extreme loud yet melodic uprising of guitars no can, nor door could stay closed! Everything would be able to crack with such a display of intense emotion and strong toughness in one. This is a amazing powerful track!

What could have been’ takes a bit of both ways, more seclusive and self analyzing the modern cowboy goes. As if it being somewhere in the desert… it is slightly exhausted from the previous bulge of violence and yet also colorfully influenced by it as well, ready to be able ride that horsey through the flames of hell without a problem. So when mental guitar riffs are seemingly having a party, it feels like a wild impulse of a untamed horse that can hop from the soft exposure of a emotional internal research, to wildly strong galloping into crazines. It does it so easily that it makes it looks like a inter exchangeable skill that is easy, yet I believe this is pretty special.

As we fade’ dips in this emotional rawness that is beautiful and strong and full of character. I can’t keep my mind away that if this was the music of a cartoonish figure like Lucky Luke had owned it as backdrop material, the flat individual would have been so much more real and touchable. The music is very full of emotion, isn’t afraid to show this side of the story but also seems to keep its fists and modern day electric drum computer ready for the action scenes.

Like Distant Dreams dips into this theme deeply as well. It isn’t afraid to show the sensitive side and yet keeps hitting around with a fist as well; never underestimate a modern day piece that is so tough that it actually can show emotions and tears. The lengthy journey of this modern day cowboy riding into the after life is up next and (obviously with such a destination) will be last. Here the most remarkable thing happens as the virtuous guitar and electric hooves gets the friendly uplifting companionship of a accordion sound! Who would have thought that our imaginary cowboy friend had carried this secret weapon only to be revealed at the final stage of its life. Luckily the sound of raw shredding guitars will also make a final appearance, probably to show the gatekeepers of the after life that this emotional persona is worth to have among their midst! Respect!

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