Lysander Moone – Shaping Fantasies

Artist: Lysander Moone
Title: Shaping Fantasies
Keywords: alternative electronic experimental electronica instrumental

The Lunatic as depicted through the music of Lysander Moone feels like a very colorful person, one loved and laughed at, a sweet kind hearted character that has silly walks, odd clothes and a unintentional ridiculousness all over it. Nobody knows the deeper depth of this figure that makes rooms light up and charms up placed by its idiotic appearance and silly attitudes. But if you would ask and look deeper behind this clownish good hearted lunatic you will see a hidden layer of mental pain, carefully hidden as this funny individual rather cheers up the people than search empathy from them. I feel this lunatic!

The lover as depicted by the music of Lysander Moone is always super attentive, has the charm of a handsome snake flutist, the charm of a gentle person of mystery, one who brings wisdom and culture to the sensual sessions of love making. The easy touch, the exact knowledge of sacred karma sutra positions; this lover has been enriched with ancient knowledge and is modern enough to apply it with a sense of lightness. This is guru makes you feel at ease because of its low profile easy going character.

The Poet as depicted by the music of Lysander Moone comes across gentle, versatile and curiously carefree. Observing society through a colorful lens with a sobering sense of playfulness this poet clearly is a creator of magic, digging deep feelings from their roots and bring them towards a sunny light in a new happy entertaining shape and form. Mathematical poetry that is entirely wordless, but cute and whimsical; entertainment for all even the aliterate!

The Madman as depicted with the music of Lysander Moone feels a bit like a searcher. Someone that goes around turning stones to see what’s underneath them. A head in the clouds and always wondering what everything means or stands for. It’s as if the madman is less mad but more misunderstood by its surroundings. To me this madman is indeed a bit eccentric, someone who is inside himself wandering around. But clearly doesn’t have the abilities or intentions to harm a fly; it’s a much more innocent and pure character.

The Mortal as depicted with the music of Lysander Moone is a bit of a individual who is strongly convinced of itself. Walks the earth with the flair of confidence as if it had been a ancient magical emperor in the past that somehow believes to be immune for failure. This mortal walks without fear and in slow pace among our midst & just the sight of that makes me want to respect it.

If these tracks didn’t shape their fantasies than I’m a goose and you are a termite. Lovely tracks and music depictions indeed! You should check them out:

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