Artist: 198
Keywords: experimental avant-garde concept drone experimental freak freak rock fringe harsh noise lo-fi noise shit rock Vermont

Well, I was eating instant noodle soup in silence, but thought let’s play this album of greatest hits and see if it adds some flavor to the eating mix. It did make me feel like I wasn’t eating this noodle soup all alone and thought it was quite pleasant at first.. but yep, this is the work of a trickster, a prankster and maybe even a joker: so when I spooned up in calmness this soup and some dude was playing quietly a guitar and singing words like your average sing and songwriter IT SUdDeNly BeCaME NoISy and LoudLY. (I don’t know what happened there with my words, a sudden case of sudden low key and caps lock!?) I choked all on that fresh spoon of noodle soup mix and thought … yes, too much spice! My soup became inedible!

Still I kept on spooning it up with this loud music playing. I didn’t really know what to think of it, as it was loud and distorted but it was still as if it was some kind of song going on. A bit of wailing, as if it was a prisoner song working hard cutting stones under the never resting eye of a trigger happy prison guard. After a while I got used to it and could continue my soup eating activity without thinking too much about it. It was loud and all that, but it still seem to fade a bit in the backdrop… even though the annoyance of the sound of high frequency feedback did slightly made my noodles taste like shit. I could live with that, as normally without sauce or add on flavors noodles don’t taste of anything at all really. At least now they had been flavored!

Luckily I had a large bowl of noodle soup (not shit!) as the hits album only had just begun. The second track was something jazzy that never really starts (according to the title) . I disagree, it felt more like a blues that never started. Some jingling on the strings of a guitar, nothing really to write home about or lay sleepless in your bed for. Noodle soup didn’t came affected, although if anything it might have become a bit bland in taste…

The next one was ‘sing a song’ and made me think like someone had added a bad bit of spice to my soup, making me fall into a eighties early nineties horror rock pop thing. It was like a combination of Alvin and the chipmunks and heroin while shooting up on a loop of joy division. I don’t know if it was any good, my soup eating time was okay, although I felt slightly as if the music had poisoned it.

Slurp! Another noodle bites to dust! Next up was a ratatouille interlude of some kind. This one is alright as it at least went somehow well with my noodle eating activity. I imagined holding some of the noodles between my teeth, pulling them out and play them as a guitar.

After that another disaster of a hit would haunt the backdrop of my noodle soup interaction. The music really felt it had a whole bunch of cement to carry upon its shoulders, as if with every step the song went deeper into the ground. Never heard anything like that; a understandable thing as it might make you feel slightly uncomfortable. It’s remarkable though as the song comes with singing and drums and should be something to be upped with, but the execution and the drowning guitar effects make it sound like the sounds of being severely depressed. I don’t know… it makes me almost not want to eat the soup!

Books are shit, is the next chapter. It keeps this ultra goth vibe without being all too obvious about it. The instrumental part of the track still seems to drag the appetite down the drain, although when the voice returns more colors are delivered & it turns actually into a more sillier side show. But after this the (to me) highlight of this album appeared: suite #1 . Finally a track I could hear and dizz off with, a soundscape that did me well, giving enough detail and flavor to hear things & steered away from heaviness and it made me sleepy as well. I woke up slightly from shock when my head fell into the left over noodle soup as a result!

But I kept my head there, leaving my mouth bubble in the noodle liquid as a song named ‘Blood of the wakeman’ kept playing in my ears. This was another good one, warm and croaky, yet it made me feel like there was no way or reason to lift up the head from the bowl of soup. Just bubble up the left over liquid and listen to the fuzzy sounds and the whaling singing man. I wouldn’t drown as my nose would be sticking out! Somehow I fell asleep though, making my noodle soup (or what’s left of it) as a pillow that took me through a night filled up with crickets. Conclusion? Well I did not manage to eat the full noodle soup, but the deeper towards the end the better the soup and music combination became.

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