VRGL – Beauty Drone EP

Artist: VRGL
Title: Beauty Drone EP
Keywords: electronic experimental ambient noise otherworldly synth transparent United States
Label: Shannon’s Belly Recordings

Stepping around while happily slapping your own bare hips is some action I feel would fit ‘blueline’, a different word for the first track on this release. It’s not too long so you could easily slap along without hurting either your hands or your meaty hips.

Track two or in this case better known as Dream-O-Rama feels like walking around on a glittery carousel with lots of mirrors to stare at. It’s a bit bold thanks to the distorted glows of the music, but somehow this doesn’t do much to get rid of delivering a fairy merry go round style experience.

Unprecedented Gloryhole… no.. I mean… Unprecedented Glory feels like Captain Kirk meeting a very skillful alien that has the solo skills of a Jimi Hendrix but is using this alien music device instead of a earthly guitar.

Badland Interlude also known as track 4, also fuzzes the thing up a bit. It’s so short that if you close your ears for less than a minute : you would have completely missed it! Luckily there is track five, also known as ‘happy matchmaker’ which might nit be formidable length wise, it does play out long enough to happily play out some freaky synth crouched up solo game rock set!

Thin Air also known as track 6 & track 7 (in a remix form) , throws in more happy crunchy music that feels like the music that makes me think of a time in which Prince had came back to life as a pixel game character and suddenly could freak out melody-wise with electric music while being trapped in this distorted 2D world.. in the end the music gets stuck in a loopy glitch, making old people probably search for the needle of the nearest vinyl player; short lived fuzzy fun for everyone!

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