contingence – a work of overproduction in the culture of art

Artist: contingence
title: a work of overproduction in the culture of art
keywords: experimental ambient dark ambient Perth
label: Dog Park

With this music we are standing on the edge of a huge unknown world, one that smells and feels like science fiction that isn’t afraid to cater its huge stories & materials to anyone who tunes in. They have the power to capture the imaginations of human kind till the end of time. Big landscapes of devastated or beautiful views, pure unknown sources to walk or slippery slide upon, grounds that we do not know about here on our earthly earth & scientists here do not have pieces from for their laboratorial researches.

This music is a glimpse into the unknown, a space in which there is life but not as we used to know it. Maybe intergalactic battles would perform well here, or perhaps it’s inhabited by brilliant alien beings with a higher conscious that do not know what fighting means. It’s a spacious view in which anything could be placed as long as you are in touch with your imagination & have the ability to convert music to these huge alien landscapes. They are wide and open, gracious and exciting; Nasa would be drooling all over them!

Even though alien of origin, they too feel like the material that feels extremely cinematic, something that humans could relate too, as they have this bigness that wild natural scenery scenes would have come with. Imagine a wordless documentary with a sea full of splashing dolphins, or a deep sea underwater world: It’s just as alien as a place in outer space, yet some humans have managed to capture it with a camera and music. However this beautiful work by “contingence” doesn’t come with a camera, crew and production team: here you have to plug the music into your own mind to see the cinematic landscapes, happenings and surreal realities doing their thing.

You better plug in, remove yourself from all distractions and enjoy the show within your own head:
expect nothing that you could possible expect & be completely taken away into a world of mystification and alienating beauty! Free download available over at Dog Park records:

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