Reptile Tile (Feat. Mandek Penha) ‬- ‪We are not a Cult‬

Artist: ‪Reptile Tile (Feat. Mandek Penha) ‬
Title: ‪We are not a Cult‬
Keywords: not a cult

Mandek, a cult leader or musician, or perhaps just a persona with no cult at all? After all cults throughout the years have gained a bad name for themselves, a thing that Mandek and equals clearly didn’t sign up for. They want a good name, some descent and respected and probably gain a new member or two. Who can blame these people for falling for the charismatic current earthly embodiment of Mandek? Maybe they should invent a new word for their phenomenon, not a cult but a cultural togetherness: a culto! That already sounds much more positive, isn’t it?

Rumor goes that the current earthly embodiment of Mandek has lined up a successful plan to spread out his believe system through a brand new upcoming full length album. I thought to make sure you are all prepared for the moment when your friends suddenly are becoming all involved in this not-a-cult-cult. Do not worry when they would make odd hand and arm signs or when they suddenly start to use gender orientated restrooms. Isn’t it funny that s place to take a dump is called a restroom? As if making a poop is a form or resting!

Anyway, to make a short story short, here is proof that you won’t need to worry when everyone around you (or perhaps you, yourself) would join the Mandek crew of equals. They assure you they are definitely not a cult:


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