Jan Strach – Balearen Kanaren E​.​P.

Artist: Jan Strach
Title: Balearen Kanaren E​.​P.
Keywords: rock casio experimental pop jan strach lo fi poland polish underpolen Poznań

There is always Something new every time we hear from artist Jan Strach, his music style will never do the same twice even though that on its own might be the actual fact that he keeps on repeating. You just never know what you will be hearing when hearing any of this man’s many project. The brand new one that the good man had passed on towards our ears certainly grabbed my ears by surprise again. The artist seemed to have placed all his toes on a feel good keyboard or a old school synthesizer in order to create something that felt really European. It felt in fact like a pop tune from the eighties without any sign of potential vocals. Ideal and perfect if you are a closeted singer and need a perfect backdrop to sing your latest song upon!

For track 2 (I could type the track titles, but why reveal them here if you can reveal them for yourself later?) our music man throws in his passionate voice, just to make sure that leaving it out in the first one was a artistic choice & not a question of not having one. His voice is like a squeezed throats that works very hard to get his words and sentences out. You could hear that Jan is meaning it, even though the language might not be for all, it is very clear that this artist is giving it all vocal wise! Music wise it feels less concrete and poppy, more like a new age goth vampire rocking out on its organ while alone in his castle.

With track 3 Jan Strach throws it again in to a complete different order. This one goes in a new direction that feels like one that nobody ever had stepped a foot upon. The experimentalist created some kind of master piece that feels like a colorful rock opera without the rock or the opera. It’s a cozy mix and match, very hard to pin down as to what it is or where it is going. Almost as if you are watching a full length Ben Hurr movie but than it’s made by a genius that doesn’t conform to normal cinematic rules and does not have the budget for a billion extras + normal actors. Its very good though! Ben would agree!

The sensitive side of Jan Strach comes out in track 4, one that the artist fils up with a emotional pretty mind striking light weight piano bit & of course some dramatic undefined undertones. It has these qualities of a love song for a love that had gone wrong. Or perhaps it’s a musical serenade to someone’s pet turtle named Toby. It probably isn’t, but if it was I wouldn’t be completely surprised!

With track 5 our good pall Jan Strach fuzzed up the release by giving deep into that rock and roll noise feel. You can hear the strings becoming jelly in this man’s hands, slapping the bass as if it’s s used rubber condom. The style of music has this ‘now I want to be your dog’ value, it only misses the voice of Iggy Pop to invite everyone on stage in order to make it a compete rock n roll anthem.

The last one on this release shows more sensitivity of the open hearted musician. Here he lands his voice and does not cover it up with camouflage nets. The result is a honest appeal of music, something that cannot and would not survive without artists having their hearts and soul in them. Jan is innovative, resourceful and yet again (!) never a bore!!
Get your dose of music from the following link:

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