Angie – Angela Garrick Piano Performance at Sisters Akousmatika

Artist: Angie
Title: Angela Garrick Piano Performance at Sisters Akousmatika
Keywords: rock glam Sydney

When you go for the ‘weird’ tag line on bandcamp you might actually find a lot of stuff that isn’t weird but rather beautiful and more personal. I guess it means actual ‘weirdoes’ are more free of mind to make actually truthful music that is heartfelt and without being pretentious or fake. A good example was stumbling on this lovely heartfelt piano performance by Angela Garrick. To me it is as if she had wired her heart to her hands and they connected (on their part) to the keys of the piano. Together as one they played and played and I as a listener just fell silent and hooked. Listening to every note and every color the piano keys – heart hand connection would take me! From light to dark, and from dark to the light; but all done in such a way that it has a natural never ending flow of intrigue.

I loved how she could plug into all kind of emotions with just herself and the piano as the channeling tools. The melodic colors that this piano would brought out flew into my ears like natural waves of going up and down. Giving equal love to the whole spectrum of the tonal range, even though the darker bits I felt as the most pretty ones. How she made these low tones flow into calm prettiness with a natural flow felt like something I could listen to forever and ever. It is the perfect material to hear after a long tiring day as it will take the mind to a soothing interesting place. When it is finished you will feel like you indeed have arrived at the right destination. I would say that this performance took my breath away, but no, it actually gave me reasons to keep on breathing!

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2 Responses to Angie – Angela Garrick Piano Performance at Sisters Akousmatika

  1. Melody Smith says:

    I’m so happy you stumbled across her, becuase it means now i have too. God, everynote she plays has so much intenet and beuty in them, it’s just. so pretty. Thanks!

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