Tatira – The Light Will Disappear

Artist: Tatira
Title: The Light Will Disappear
Keywords: electronic dark ambient noise techno New Bedford

Apparently techno had met up with drone to make some kind of new firm collaboration. The brain behind it is Tatira, a name that brings many questions as is this the name of a project or a beautiful name for a artist / person? Either way, Tatira had been putting one and one together and came up with this techno drone album. How does this go and does it work well together?

I guess so, depending on which genre of the two you are into.. it would be handy if you love both of them as otherwise it wouldn’t make much sense. Still drone and techno separately feels a bit like miles apart, so to hear them laying next to each other as on this release, is a bit like a intergenrial culture gender bender that somehow ended together to share a room in order to pay the rent. They manage and respect each other, probably be friendly palls that have no problem sharing the toilet and bathroom facility. Still the neighbors might whisper; what a odd duo!

These noisy ignorant neighbors and perhaps some extreme followers and fans of the drone genre might be a bit confused over the nonstop techno flow of beats and unforgiving train rides of rhythms between their favorite drone friend.. Not that they might not like it, it’s just so very different than their usual sandwich of fluffy cloudy ambience without a single bit of pounding involved. Also the extreme techno fans might be a bit shocked as they will probably have no headache relating to this music, yet will be all confused when they hear the drone without a beat; how can they relate and dance on this? Expand your mind people – do more psychedelics!

The lack of concrete upfront techno melodies might not even be noticed among the neighbors and extreme drone and techno fans, this is also depending on how much xtc the fan of both these genres had munched before plugging into this album. If anything, lovers of minimal techno might be the most beautiful crowd to receive this release. They would probably think that the pure drone sessions among the pounding beat techno tracks have simply gone so minimal, that there was no need for a beat anymore!

Personally as a fan and frequent listener of both genres and a activist of the acceptance of genre – diversity; I think it’s another historic piece of history for in the books! If you would be active and dance to the beat of the techno and than can get a chilling rest on a smooth drone to refuel your energy again, I simply can not see why anyone would be annoyed, have complaints or would be seriously freaked out by this come together of opposites. As actually they do seem to go well together! Like a extreme yin and yang even! I say hooray for the braveness of pushing for a perfect oddball partnership and bravo for equality!

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