Lone Cosmonaut – Unity

Artist: Lone Cosmonaut
title: Unity
keywords: electronic experimental charity collaboration instrumental synthesizer
label: Trixie Delight For Charity

Instant happiness generated by sweet thick sounds is always a pleasure to feel. This emotion that will generate a smile on your usually stubborn face, mixed with your body making movements that you haven’t even been aware off that they had been possible; they are simply proof that something beyond your own self has hijacked your system to inject that pure sense of musical joy into your mind, meat and bones! There is no reason to wipe off the smile of your face or to stop moving your body parts as long as this music plays.

It is simply because the music over here will make you feel so very good, loved and flexible. As if the electronic sounds are the oil to smoothen your body up, making it all lose and free. Resistance will be an undesired action because the music overrules all shields, lowers them down in order to fill a listener completely up with love and the music form of it. It is groovy, thick and impossible to fight against. If anything it is something to lean against, as the melodies are so nicely thick that you will bounce back between them.

These melodies are so cool, so synthetic and fat that you feel like you are listening to a actual classic synthesizer album from way back in the day, one that has delivered golden records hanging on the producer’s wall & are now collectables in every self-respected record shop. But now, they are brand new, high class in a superb quality! With nothing but goodness to give, making it a great gift to play for yourself as a music lover, or for you and your lover as lovers do. There will simply be no chance that anyone would dislike what they would hear or experience when this music is playing. Even the sound of a guitar that sneaked in will not harm a fly or an opinion; it’s truly a really nice release of music! Add that all the money spend on this lovely release will be going to the paypal account of “Phone Credit For Refugees And Displaced People”. So donate to this case of good music + a good cause!

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