sp3ct3rs – micro doses

Artist: sp3ct3rs
title: micro doses
keywords: drone experimental improvised noise sound art sound collage East Montpelier

sp3ct3rs did again an amazing job, one that will blow your mind away as if your mind had been a sexual organ and ‘the job’ a way to pleasure it. But let’s not start this review off with sexual thoughts as the music on this release sounds way to significant to be associated with hormones that go all over the place. This music is pure headphone bliss, filling each ear (both left and right) up with warm doses of micro love, quick tracks that seemed to be interwoven into each other like a deejay on a journey of good taste and a quest for the ultimate chill out.

sp3ct3rs simply knows how to provide the warmth that will give any listener that ultimate feeling of bliss, making these micro sonic pleasures stand out within their own delights. With warm tones, abstract smoothness and intoxicating tones and attitudes they will do anything within their charms to seduce you into a well willing listening blob, one that will just sit there in front of the speakers, or blanked out with headphones on. This music is like a poison that you would want to drink as its taste and by effects are simply so nice and irresistible that it would be worth dying for.

With acoustic allure, not afraid to play itself backwards for great forwards respect; these sounds form their intoxicating tunes. They are so lovely and friendly, making them come across like innocent drinks, that will knock you out in the end from an overdose of pleasure. These music bits might come in small doses but their strengths make them sound like the Goliath under the microscopic giants!
These amazingly crafted cases of headphone compositions will be happy to knock you out in the kindest way ever; an overdose of excellent audio / music!

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