Quimper – A Soft Day

Artist: Quimper
Title: A Soft Day
Keywords: experimental artpop avant-garde dark haunting instrumental lofi outsider music psychedelic wonky pop United Kingdom

Like a hypnotic session Quimper seems to be able to drown its listeners instantly with the intriguing sounds of mystification. There goes our brain, being carried out of our heads by Quimper’s little melodically helpers, almost like ants that bring a entire picnic scene to their ant colony. There are no little footsteps, and you won’t even really notice what will be happening until the mysterious music of Quimper already displaced your mind with a bunch of minds from other listeners.

While we realize that our brains had been placed together with all the other Quimper listeners, we can hear the spirit of Quimper herself coming down the royal stairs. With a organic sound that feels like a hot headed pretty dream with a feverish undertone, every captured brain (including the one previously belonging to you and me) will stare at it with a respectful gaze.
Once the graceful deity had placed itself on our level as a almost equal; hot dance music erupts!

This music is loaded with voices that feel hot and intoxicating, perfectly engaging in eroticism that will make the dance floor party music in such a hotness that all the kidnaped brains will get a little jiggly with and among each other! Brain cells rubbing brain cells and it feels oh so good! They keep on rubbing our minds and we keep rubbing happily theirs until a happy ending erupts.

All the brains (including our own) will be happily satisfied, flowing around in this melodic Quimper state that feels like a warm wishful wish, a Melody world of well wishes, happy thoughts and love. Quimper hugs you with its good hearted kindness, cherishes your companionship and fills your mind up with faithful joy. No brain wants to ever go back into their own skull, that’s how lovely this brand new EP by Quimper is!

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