Zwaremachine – Be A Light


artist: Zwaremachine
title: Be A Light
keywords: electronic, darkwave, ebm, industrial, synth, techno, Minneapolis

So, let’s start this off by when this was brought to my attention


I’m adding a caption here because it is IMPOSSIBLE to tell where the photo ends and the body of text resumes, and then it just got like not a survival level of unbearable but very much so not happening levels of unbearable

I am sorely tempted to leave the review at that, but hey. I’m all charged up on mate and cacao powder (note: you might want to eat before doing so, my body was doing all sorts of aches and churnings I feel I would not have experienced if I had put the yum yum in my tum tum).

The past few days have been a damn decent jump start back into good music lately. Found a pretty neat label, released my own album, and last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST we have Zwaremachine here with Be A Light. Oh the dark tones. Oh the body gyrations. Enough to make someone go unfunfunfunfunfunfunfsplurt/musclespasmintopleasureoblivion.

We skip the first two tracks (because they are unavailable as of yet, May 2018 is the release date!) and wind up at the 3rd track titled…Be A Light. Hm…if I am right (I know, it’s very hard to be sure, especially in these trying times of misinformation) then that’s also the title of the album. Which means, this is ALREADY A FANTASTIC ALBUM. And again, I’m tempted to leave the review as it is. I mean, seriously? How much better could it possibly get?

Oh shit! Right there’s music involved! Ok, so the eponymous track gets us into sick synth basslines and wonderful percussion. I despise being compared to other musicians, so I try not to for others, BUT if someone were in the mood for some early malnourished baby dog tunes, this is right up your alley. Groovy and dark. Makes the body move. Makes the body sweat. Raspy, gritty vocal machinations round the track out nicely. If I had to say their title of embodying early industrial is correct. I have little to no idea though, because I myself am barely getting into industrial myself. So, I’ll take their own expert opinion on this.

IEYEI makes a lot of sense. I didn’t look at the track title while listening to it, so that little bit of illumination does wonders. All sorts of fun blips and sprinkles are abound throughout the track and come in at the right moments. Crafted very well this has been. Comes together. Leaves together. Swell.

So, finally, we head to the last currently available track. It starts AGGRESSIVE. B E AGGRESSIVE. The snares feel like they’re smacking harder, the synths beaming into my brain which then converts this sonic sexy time feelin into the dance move synaptic reactions. YES.

Not only are there going to be 4 other tracks available for your listening pleasure in a few months BUT ALSO REMIXES. So, a decent chunk of material left to be heard.

In closing, absolutely hot shit right here, like the figurative kind, not like the defecation type because that has a whole negative inspiring image, which we don’t want because this is some great music (also doesn’t help I have been cravin this type lately but even if you aren’t, it’s still solid so yeah)

Check out the three tracks available, and then the rest when they come out below:

| | | |
v v v v

To be honest, i thought those pseudo arrows made via text would look a lot better. But since they don’t that’s all the more reason to keep them there.


In my excitement over reviewing this splendid release I went and posted this onto a different page associated with this account and if it weren’t for the divine properties of copy/paste this may have been lost forever. Anyways, I bid you adieu fair readers. Catch ya’ll on the flip side of the flip side.



Haha! Well, I happened to get into contact with one member of this terrific trio and they happened to send me the full thing, so with that in mind here is the whole experience FROM THE BEGINNING, in the form of words. Also, one might be able to call this the flip side of the flip side. Past me really had it together.

Pulse drags along, as if carrying up a corpse up a mountainside, or maybe some like shiny modern day metal pyramid with like all sorts of dark tones and FEEL THE PULSE IN YOUR BRAIN. I tried to tune my physical perceptors to feel the blood rushing through my head, but that didn’t work out so well, plus can be a bit unnerving so maybe it was for the best. Some light sample work comes in (man, like I get why people moved away from samples being used in tracks, at least as heavily as bygone eras but it is really fun to hear them in tracks!) as we continue our inevitable ascent. Yummy.

The ones that wronged us are about to get it, not nice style. Our revenge establishes the groove. The kind you bounce your head to absentmindedly while waiting at the red light. Involuntary dance because it’s just that moving. Rolling toms and higher note synths tie in the in-betweens Oh, they’re saying this isn’t our revenge. I guess it’s time to roll back the devious schemes into something else for the time being. Excellent instrument choices, it’s just so good. It hits you in all the right spots.

Similar synth with a slightly more sinister tone comes in, and suddenly our drums appear as we come back around to Be A Light. The pad over the same bass and crisper voices pick the pace up a bit more. Definitely being drawn in. I’m imagining wiggling around as one of the spines clad in translucent flesh, finding the next piece of machinery to possess.  Uh oh, the over before you know it phenomenon has occurred yet again. So sad really, but alas the show must go on.

With renewed vigor, IEYEI sidles into aural view. It’s coming to get you. Those quick bursts of lets, be it four or three and such drive home the feeling of being hunted/pursued/etc. Those keys nigh spliced in adding accents that one didn’t think you would need but so want right now. Outro got rather percussive. A nice way to bring us out.

I thought Person to Person (I realize now that all the titles are capitalized but it’s too late to go back now, leave them all behind they’re just dead weight, baggage if you will) was aggressive, but Another Way comes in with a whole different wavelength of violence. Like ear splitting grin because the mind just snapped and lookout whomever it is that next crosses your path because they’re going to get it. For whatever reason, I can feel the heat of the club in this one, that level of it’s too warm to be comfortable but that’s exactly what makes it comfortable and what you need more of.

DRKNRG. Repeating. Pound it into my skull. Feeling it so much I can’t even see. Samples featured much more heavily going rapidfire in not quite the background as the synths aim to make a straightforward statement of rhythmic movement, crepuscular imagery, and overall badassery. On a tangent, I always think it funny when astrophysicists and what not talk about dark matter and dark energy. At least in it’s closer to mainstream infancy, it seemed it was thrown out there because we had no idea what the hell it actually was. Personally, I can’t wait for when we have better understandings of that part of the working universe because that kind of stuff interests me from time to time. Anywho…I feel they need to look no further than this track for dark energy in spades.

We dive into inter personal interactions as Person to Person returns to our ears. I wish I could be person to person, dancin along to the delectable tunes of Zwaremachine. Assuming I could dance of course. I can’t so I’d do some flailing and hope that they wouldn’t really notice and just have a good time of it all. No central authority. That’s excellent. Who needs it? I kind of got away from the music again, but like all the releases I really enjoy, it’s something to feel yourself!

On that note, go ahead and check out the link above for quite the rush. And as a reminder on May 1st, 2018 (this originally said May 18th, and I think I saw the May 2018 and did a bad but that’s well whatever at this point. At least I caught it a day later), you too can hear all the tracks plus I am sure the many splendid remixes. Ta ta for now.


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