Erin Pellnat – Do it for Dinero


artist: Erin Pellnat
title: Do it for Dinero
keywords: acoustic, americana, experimental, folk, folk guitar, indie folk, pop, pop folk, roots, singer-songwriter, traditional, New York

We’re on a roll, of the not dinner variety (but those do sound oh so good. All I have is some multi grain bread, which while good, will not be hitting the bread spot), to bring you this charming little single.

Loungey tones first hit your ears, barring any weird type of interference, lag, interrupted/distorted signals and such, the bob your head to when you’re feeling light with some energy, not a whole lot though, but not like balls to the wall we’re going to conquer this land in the name of our lords and ladies type.

Then that voice. My word. To be truthful, I wasn’t expecting anything close to decent but I was very VERY surprised. Delighted to be too. Seriously, good singer. Really tied the song together.

This track inspired me to check out the rest of the material available on the Bandcamp. Also solid stuff.

Anyways, that’s pretty much all I had to say. I had a good time. Maybe you will too.


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