artist: Turvia
 argentina, experimental, electronic music, experimental music, free jazz, noise music, noiserock, post-industrial, psychedelic, techno, space music, synthesizer, Florida

Oh my word and a tale for two in the space that is WordPress formatting. I mean, if I hit enter, or want to quit the bold text, it shouldn’t just space it out then save it in some nether region for it to come back once again to stop me, our glorious hero, from everlasting victory, but I digress.

It appears the itch of reviewing is one I can’t scratch just yet, so I’ll keep digging into my skin until I see blood and then some. So, what better way than to do so by delving into (ah crap I forgot the label thing in the intro, one sec) some quality sounds and soul courtesy of Turvia? Exactly, you can’t. In the meantime, let’s go for a ride!

Elites Covenant starts off clangy and swooshy before going into the stabbing pulse of some dark synth. I’m liking it. Imagining some form of like electronic cultists meeting in the halls of global domination speaking of their next plan to conquer and continue conquering the masses. Vocals come in. Woo.

Repeating, vague, mysterious vocal sample comes in for Sacred B. A feeling of growing anticipation as what I can only assume is the main rhythm and drum pattern come in all muted like. The wooshies and ominous clankier synths return in slightly different forms, leaving me with a wonder as to if there is something dreadful on the horizon. I feel every time I feel the monster is about to pounce we are saved by the voice from beyond, giving us something haunting, but still it’s something to hold onto, as we delve further into the darkness with the instrumentation.

Ah fire. It is essential for a lot of different things. For me, it reminds me of the time we set a friend of ours on fire for a school project. He came out with some 3rd degree burns but he healed up just fine. Fire Sacrifice sounds more like a make the people move track. Things are still breaking and what not but it’s in a more rhythmic movement sense. I feel there is a word I am searching for but it eludes me. Oh no. By the end it sounds like the equipment is having a seizure. I hope it is ok.

Our electronic cultists have finally revealed themselves as the all-powerful Illuminati! Illuminate Dominion features abandoned factory snares, a neat lil beat and a drunk on power sermon from the figurehead. Delicious.

I have bad news for people who are afraid of just darkness because we are careening straight into Mega Darkness. Gee willikers. This sounds like some form of dark mass! My pure, Christian ears can’t take it. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!
Just kidding. Energetic hats, and two note pads bring us into a bit more of a minimal-ish track. Even with that though, lots of action within this darkness. I’m not quite sure but it sounds almost like someone is laboriously breathing in the background. Gets me goin. Flowin even. Then it all comes together with the return of the dark mass and scales and repeating pitch tweaked wonders galore.

At first, I thought I accidentally paused it, but turns out it was just moving to the next track. The Real Enlightment brings us another tempo shift. The mood changes quite a bit. Still subdued but a lot more…chill. Something about the ceiling and fourteen? My apologies, my Spanish is absolutely terrible nowadays. It’s a strangely uplifting track, bringing about a feeling of soul, rather than abandonment and decay. As to what exactly the real enlightment is, well…I figure that’s supposed to be a personal quest so have fun with that. Oh man, I love the slowed down vocal sample to bring us to the end of the track. Fits so well with the ambiance.

We head back into the stranger. Buzzing stabs, and this trickling synth on top of spaced apart percussion tickle the outside of my skin. UNHOLY! Screamed to the sky. Quick breakdown into more action crammed into the same amount of space. More kicks come in, the trickles sound clickier. Like ya know, they became more machine than man, twisted and evil.

It’s locked in. Unf, it’s all coming together. Winds up and starts to unleash. Best Sinners brings a darker dance tone that almost catches you of guard if it weren’t for the previous tracks to set this tone. Still, it doesn’t set you up for that feeling you sometimes get when you’re just in it. I tend to describe it as feeling like a fiend (as if it’s some form of demonic form/being) but this speaks to that part of me, to let go and be consumed by the feeling. Fuck, I might need a cigarette after that…

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