Ykymr – City


artist: Ykymr
title: City
keywords: pop, acoustic, electronica, experimental, folk, Italy
label: https://labelnetlabel.bandcamp.com/music

Hot damn. We got some nostalgic lo-fi vibes right from the get go. That’s right folks, we be night cruising. Incidentally, that’s also the name of the first song off of City by Ykymr. It’s not quite as depressing or subdued as what I would listen to on a night drive but hey that’s me. It’s nice though. Quite nice. Getting lost in warm relaxation thoughts. Mood carrying me into ambiguous forms of consciousness. Mmmm.

Girl is our next track, and it flutters a bit. An ever present throughout this track flutter, giving this a tad more ethereal vibes. This one sort of passed me by. Still good though.

Hm, reversed sound clips, a faded kick and the scratchings of some sort of older recording equipment. Sounds comfortable, and cozy. Like you’re on a train looking out at some scenery. For me, it’d be foggy or overcast. The beautiful greys reaching out and such. Trip just feels wholesome. The kind of wholesome where you breathe in and out slowly because nothing needs to move quickly or anything like that.

Air Dancing calls up visions of breezes being whimsical, blowing all about, here to there, and back again. I’m going to call this telephone music, because I imagine this is the type of music telephones would make if they could, and it is fantastic. I mainly say that because of the bleeps and such as well as some other reasons but yeah. Get this on that chill music youtube channel stat.

Trills and thrills and a small guitar riff plus what I feel are organic sounds come through in city. Guess it isn’t just concrete and broken souls in this city. It has it’s own source of life and vibrance. After all the chirping it fades to a guitar outro.

Slightly more haunting tones are at play. The mystery, the ENIGMA (emphasis added so you KNOW it’s the title of the track), before coming back towards the warm feeling of safety throughout the previous tracks. Simply charming. Whoa, that hard little schwoop into silence. Yikes. I feel scared. Somebody hold my hand.

Hm. Slow Magic is just as charming, while being a tad melancholic. Bitter sweet, in between the slightly grating organ like synth and the guitars and pads and what not coming through elsewhere.

So, we have traversed to the city and have made it to the Bay! I expect it is in a heavy sunset filled sky, all sorts of friendly bugs and critters starting to peek and play about. Some form of sentimental moment(s) to be had, reflections upon reflections and the like.All the while adhering to the central theme.

You could almost split this EP in half, with the stranger and wonder inducing tracks grouped by themselves, and the warmer good time feeling comfort in another section. I might have to try that in the future, but in the meantim! I rather enjoyed this, it was a nice surprise for the end of my evening. Highly recommend. Pick up your copy below:




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