Caffeinate – Channels

artist: Caffeinate
title: Channels
keywords: dark electronic odd California

first things first, i have been duping yikis because of a intensive birthing process of music babies that seem to keep on popping out like ping pong balls at a red light district’s ping pong show. just like a actual mom i can’t stop thinking about my babies while hardly keeping up giving birth to more babies; it’s a baby factory! still i must … i must… i must attend and feed this baby monster that is yikis!

i thought it would come down and haunt me and the babies, crush them with its humongous teeth out of revenge for my severe neglect. But as always with monstrous beast that have come to life through a love and obsession for music, someone really cool jumped in (without asking!) and had been feeding this monster while i was away! among music and words about music it also fed it lots of caffeine! i’m making yikis a coffee now as it had become addicted to this new habit of caffeine intake…

when i came in with milk and sugar ready to offer to the yikis monster, it looked annoyed: it wanted it pure and blacker than black! it said that it had changed in my absence. it had become something… something with dark eyes and black lips! yikis the monster had become effected with the gothic virus!

who was and is this mysterious force that crawled into the cave to feed the monstrous monster the gothic virus? who fed it in order to keep it alive while i gave and keep in giving birth? it was nobody less than Caffeinate! a solid member of the yikis crew that once in changed the music reviewing landscape tremendously by taking music for long photographic walks, car drives and even psychedelic trips! in order to check on the monster and offer my flowers of support and gratefulness to Caffeinate i have come here while heavily pregnant to feed the monster the music of … yes indeed … of Caffeinate! i too applied some dark lipstick, painted my nails black and painted some corps paint on my face just to write what follows in style;

caffeinate has a delicate poisonous audio candy for you, me and anyone else who is interested. it begins with a mysterious strangeness that feels slightly haunted, yet good spirited. like those strong whiskeys packed in a skull made out of glass; you know it is probably a bit poisonous, yet it’s too hot not to drink & hear it. it is something that possesses you and when you are possessed by it, you will definiately know and feel it. -as through mysterious powers, our hero deports us to a graveyard with a nearby dooms tower that is ringing its bells. it feels more like a dream than a nightmare, yet it is neither of them; it is safe to attend and will not implant a hangover-ish headache.

but this is only the beginning as the hero of this little story, jumps on the board of the industrial industry, rocking out with the coolest vampire flair that modern darkness has to offer! with a fair amount of strategically placed pace of drums the gothic graveyard scenery becomes one in which you won’t be surprised to see the sight of the dancing undead among their own tombstones.

but it isn’t all about dancing or mysterious deportation to dark places, there are also the moments of circular romances. not just your average sound of romantic happenings, but intense cases of the dark and the romantic – combined! it makes me think of a vampire that hypnotizes its fresh victim with its eyes and when succeeded; goes for a romantic picnic by placing its teeth deeply in to the hypnotized’s neck.

the dark romantic tones that dominated this album go well with dusty halls, spider webs, candle lit rooms or indeed the dirt from the outside field paved with dead bodies under and above ground. modern day goths might find this album a huge thrill, their soundtrack that would compliment their perfect misery, sucking each others bloody paper cuts as if it’s wine & spotting their flannel sleeves and tight corsets as if it is the medieval times. a thing that considered that the future is so dumb, grim and idiotic, doesn’t sound bad at all to hunker back for!

but yes the color choice might be black, the fashion details covered in inverted crosses; this album is certainly a celebration! there is plenty to celebrate with upbeats and nastiness that is greatly produced with the obvious intake of black caffeine! this album covers the romantic side but also offers the part that says ‘come on, vampires, gothic people, black mascara wearing fashion victims; don’t be afraid as here we can be ourselves and dance our dramatic bottoms round and round like a centrifuge! Caffeinate injects the right amount of energy to enjoy the freedom that this darkened lifestyle has to offer!

with the diversity on this album it might even be possible to attracted new members of this seductive vampire-“8@3 society. who in their right mind wouldn’t want to be a part of it when it means you can proudly play this album loud and proud in your latest see through fishnet shirt! there is for sure something really attractive to it, the music on this album and the life style that it seems so fitted for.. oh and the whole crew of dark romantics are catered for; from the cyber ones, to the ones that had died in the eighties and have been hanging around in their secluded bat-caves for all those years.. waiting faithfully for the drop of this album! for them and many others this might be the reason to make love and party like there is no tomorrow! no day time and forever night, always a moon to howl at and sparkles of the stars in stead of disco balls. candle light, sharp shiny teeth and music that would make all the sleepy corpses in their coffins come out to see what the fuzz is all about! yikis might not be the same again, but it is alive! and might as well never die thanks to the vampire infection of this album by our old and savior: Caffeinate! get the album at the following link & download it for free:

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4 Responses to Caffeinate – Channels

  1. Linda says:

    Caffienate is posting many reviews recently. All the time I’m like “I should listen to a few of the reviews because it sounds so cool”. So I listened to the bike-repair lady (, checked out the heavy machinery ( and cleaned the fishtank while listening to the blurry album ( twice. That one really fit the activity.

    Last week, the free jazz album ( didn’t fit my mood nor the other audience members in the living room.

    Yet, I had no inspirations as to what I could comment on it and just left it as it is. New day, new opportunities. I need to get in the flow, I need to go moving. So what’s on my fav review blog today? An another review by Caffienate, looking really promising and seeing the length of the review it must be really good. So I skipped the review for reading while listening and BAM! Wow, that’s nicey nicey music, totally doing the thing. First a buildup track, then 100% power on, then a necessary get-your-breath-back piece.

    Once again I am lost for words, no idea what to comment. Have I lost it perhaps, the ability to comment? For inspiration, let’s have a look at that review and the artist. …. euh….ah….. oooooÖÖööóóóh!!! But ofcourse!

    wtf, is that disco?! (Ha Style takeo version) Oh I am now reading the review and trying to comment and listening to the album. And I can’t multi task. So end of comment, I’m listening!

  2. Linda says:

    Man, I can’t bring into words how good I feel this album is. All comment just written doesn’t do it any justice.

  3. Hello!

    It is good to hear you enjoy it so!

    Yes, I have been doing quite a few of those things we call review.

    Well, inspiration comes at strange times. When it happens, it happens (even though we may want it to happen sooner). That being said, I am sure you have many a comment left within you, and it will be glorious times indeed when those future words arrive 😀

  4. Even then though i do not have nearly the literary flair that KN does. Hehe

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