Logosamphia – KIWI BOY

Artist: Logosamphia
Keywords: CAPSLOCK 8bit experimental arabic breakcore chipcore chiptune circuit bending dutch electroacoustic jungletek neopolka persian polka rotterdam Rotterdam

Logosamphia has shaken the earth crust till its very core. You might have felt it, as it was reported from here until all the way in Timbuktu! Even the gossip press reported on it as a certain Justin Timberlake had fallen of his chair by the tremor that the drop of Logosamphia’s newest album had caused! But it’s alright, no building had come down and no one had been reported dead! If anything, the release of this album had set the world and its inhabitants back into life and motion. Serious news reporters documented global scenes of mass hysteria in a dancing shape and form! The game and glory of Logosamphia had simply outlived itself and began a life on its own, infecting the music vibe from person to person, slowly but surely touching every living being in early & morphing them into a piece of a very loyal Logosamphia fan base!

Forget about the chicken pox, the common cold or the idiotic flue as this Logosamphia infection had simply been dominating all these minor obstacles. All who got affected would dance spastically, long and happily ever after, but not before they had their fair bit of excited mentalism! As this specific album by mister Kiwi Boy is not just your average Logosamphia album to be excited for, no.. no… this album is one filled with pure BONUS tracks! Every single and every each one of them! Bonus after bonus, after bonus! No hidden tracks, but all bonus after bonus. Isn’t it funny that the word bonus makes me think of a fresh pile of dog pooh? But trust me, these bonuses here on this album have nothing in common with a pile of smelly dog extraction. If anything it might even be used to keep the smells away! Just put a handful of bonus tracks in to both your nose holes and you will be never smelling dog feces again!

Of course the album with all its endless bonus materials will come with a whole arsenal of real and imaginative characters giving the music of Logosamphia real and unreal loving! From the old school entertainer / buddy & pall Sina Khani to even a poisoned poultry and a whole cast of figurines that walk the thin line of real and surreal! We might not know a lot, but this album had already satisfied billions of earthlings & it would be very insane if this release didn’t hit you like there is no tomorrow! From beeps and boos, melodies to straight up beats that will make every sane person into a troubled dancer; this bonus album is filled up like a Turkey for Christmas dinner! If you managed to sleep through the shock, it might be highly recommended to get it over at the following link:

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3 Responses to Logosamphia – KIWI BOY

  1. Linda says:

    Yes, I saw this album immediately and I didn’t comment on it because I was taken by shame and trauma. Just a few days before the review was posted, I had the opportunity to see the great master perform in the weekend of 17 and 18th of February. I was in Dordrecht on the 18th. A wonderful evening with Jankenpopp, Hassan K., Retrigger and Mr. Logosamphia himself performing. The first two performances I could witness and danced like crazy. But when a relocation took place for the second part of the part, I had to leave to catch the train for work the next day. Anyone knowing good values of life would have said “fuck work, I’m staying here to party!”. Unfortunately, I’m a coward and rushed for the last train…

    So I didn’t see Retrigger nor Logosamphia and this album is soooo good full of bonus tracks. Top-chocke-full, like I can make it till the 14th track before I have to have a break with a Jean Michel Jarre infusion. One day, I’ll overcome my cowardness. Untill then, I’ll practise listening this album in a single session….

  2. KIWIBOY says:

    Omg linda! It was a true pleasure to see you and sir Irrlichtius projectaria once again! i wish I could have had a more sane head to soend minutes if not hours with the two of you wonderful beings. Thanks again for your visits…hope to see you at the next gif! ❤

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