NarkotroniK – Knife Fight

Artist: NarkotroniK
Title: Knife Fight
Keyword: electronic coldwave synthpunk Washington

Never in my life did i hear a knife fight so happy and positive that it made me want to swing my hips, shoulders and legs like there is no tomorrow. This is a fight that I like to watch and hear from up close! so very catchy, spacious, think the French band “Air” but than replaced with ‘space’ and so much cooler than a casual stabbing. With a super tightness the knife fight seems to take place between poppy robots that battle each other with kitchen knives. It has this very catchy flair of excitement that manages to keep things real and connectable; there is no blood, but there might be some splashes of motor oil! With its pretty vocals and a steady electro pop sound it makes all participants in the fight a winner and a hero in my book!

with fat beats and sophisticated sound this fight becomes like a intensive one between two smart-as-snake opponents. You can feel the tension between them, jumping sophisticatedly around each other, moving like ancient kung fu masters that had been reborn into robotic technology. The tension is real and will intrigue anyone into observing a good positive tactic fight with no winners or losers.

For the last and final battle they pull their kitchen knives away, bring out the Pom Pom’s and their precious love! Beat each other with kind punches, serenade while lovingly slapping the square robotic faces into senses! Making me and all who attends this fight sit on the edge of their seats from a highlight that is pure and exciting! Come on over and watch, hear and experience this knife fight of the century and beyond! Entrance : free! Download optional but very recommended!

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