Monkey Warhol – EP6

Artist: Monkey Warhol
Title: EP6
Keywords: electronic electropunk folktronica indie rock synth rock synthpop Minneapolis

Monkey Warhol is going bananas in the pop scene, filling the night with its hooky kooky hooks and it’s dominant poppy grooves. His tune “Boots and Pants” is like a full on inter course happening in which synth material is the lube and the music the popsicle that needs to fill up the dark night, as if it’s a hole that needed to be drilled. The music certainly has all the reasons to climb up in a pop parade & claiming the charts, but the lyrics might need that extra stickiness to stick around and go for that full on never-get-rid-of pop hit factor!

Nihali’s song that features a certain David Miller is taking a more soft pop approach, something for the more sentimental and lovers of the Romantic poppy kind. He sings about a girl being a stunner and always doing his best & hopes that this record reflects. Yes, of course we can hear that Mister Miller is doing his best, he is like the handsome brother of Tonetta777 that doesn’t sing about things that gets you banned from YouTube. The music by Monkey Warhol goes of course well together as this producer is at home on all the markets of the music abilities, speeding itself up when there needs to be a party, slowing things down when things have to be a bit more arty. The result is a magic moment between them two; a romantic dinner with candle light discussing someone that they happen to fancy & coincidentally walks outside the window…

Times of your life’ is Monkey Warhol his other attempt to crank out that irresistible hit and fairly said; it’s all hit and no miss. If the song was a dart it would hit the 180 target. It’s housey , funky and alternative .. it’s like a blend of pop music that attacks diverse scenes at ones, hitting the right spots for local listeners to become hyped up about it. With good use of blending of multiple voices, repetition and that vocoder thing that makes you think you are dealing with a daft punk hit co-operating with Pharrell if he was a nutter that gives all its music away for free!

Coolio Julio is another tune featuring David Miller and it is the most funkiest and coolest tune on this record. Both the music as David sound fat and flexible in its funkiness. It has this sex appeal that might seduce everyone into a session of boom shakala haha shakalaka hey hey!
But the real fun starts all the way at the end of this typical Monkey Warhol production, with a child friendly party time in the shape of a fun tune named ‘bongo booty’. A song for sing a long freaks, lovers of fat bass and a poppy good booty time!

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