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Dino Felipe & Toxic Chicken – Toxic Chicken / Dino Felipe

Artists: Dino Felipe & Toxic Chicken Title: Toxic Chicken / Dino Felipe Keywords: electroacoutics electronic rock ambient experimental electronic synthpop United States Reviewer: Jan Strach I did not know Dino Felipe before but I knew Toxic Chicken so I knew … Continue reading

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Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – Electronic Series Vol 1 : Abstractions

Artist: Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith Title: Electronic Series Vol 1 : Abstractions Keyword: experimental Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith comes back with a wonderful eclectic world in which the oddest cartoonish creatures made out fantasy sounds are meeting up with incredible dense synthetic … Continue reading

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Bloom de Wilde – Animal Spirit

Artist: Bloom de Wilde Title: Animal Spirit Keywords: devotional, surreal, art, pop, cats, dreamscape, cats, flowers, animation Web: Instagram: Label: Womp Records Imagine a beautiful galaxy triggered by the powers of music, one that is occupied by flowers, … Continue reading

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Alien Tantric Method – Intraverse

Artist: Alien Tantric Method Title: Intraverse Keywords: ambient art noise electronic experimental quebec city space ambient cinematic dark space ambient drone experimental electronic post-industrial Canada The aliens are here and they clearly delivered their alien tantric method for us to … Continue reading

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Acid Parenting – Oof

Artist: Acid Parenting Title: Oof Keywords: 4th world experimental keiji haino acid art rock exotica jad fair les rallizes denudes lounge outsider post-exotica psych sludge stoner Baltimore Label: Volcano Casanova Oops! I’ve been listening to Oof by acid parenting & … Continue reading

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Agnes Pe – Syncopated Birth (Art´s Birthay 2018)

Artist: Agnes Pe Title: Syncopated Birth (Art´s Birthay 2018) Keywords: celebration detritus devotional dissection ars acustica arteries artsy happy birthday humppa metal public domain tetritek Lleida It’s always a headache to find the happy birthday music for a far friend, … Continue reading

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ChillyTrippyDippy – in high spirits

Artist: ChillyTrippyDippy title: in high spirits Keywords: ambient ibiza chill-out chillout electric guitar electronic guitar solo psybient psychedelic Spain Website: When my eyes saw the name ChillyTrippyDippy I immediately thought that this must be some silliness. Who else (in … Continue reading

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