Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Hopek Quirin – Guitar Solos

artists: Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt & Hopek Quirin
title: Guitar Solos
keywords: experimental, Perth
label: Dog Park

The beginnings of the guitar solo selection as represented in Soffiatore di Vetro 1-6 by Hopek Quirin comes across as a euphoric scene in which illustrious identities walk on the top of a green hill while gloriously dressed in Scottish kilts. I have no idea why this image has popped in my head while listening, but it sure is hard to get rid off. You can feel their profoundness in showing off their authentic costumes, you can feel their fierceness of walking on top of this green hill like a fearless underwear-less warrior, no wind or breeze will ever stop these individuals.

The music will indeed give a little bit of a breeze to the premises, a somber soundscape that (even though it must be somehow made with the help or use of a guitar) feels much more as if it is the work of a fanatic recording artist with the help of a audio program and a recording device.

The third section blends the love for field recording and embracing nature together with the experimentation of (what we should believe is…) guitar music. The effects used by this artist makes the ‘guitar’ sound very electronic, like a tremolo that get’s connected to a nearby river stream. When the ambient sound goes away, the river turns into a cute little rainfall; hooray for a successful morphing within the mind!

What follows is more top notch experimentation, something very atmospheric, a bit like listening to a grumpy robot that is angry because someone had left it alone in some huge storage complex. It growls and hums, seemingly out of protest. It’s a interesting happening, yet the screams of this rusty sound might do your regular ears some fierce but unexpected damage. Oh well, all audio experiments come with a price!

The experimentation dives in it even a bit deeper, creating a drone like balance between warm and cold while a screeching guitar is trying to pop out to tell us something. Maybe it is announcing that the normal every day use of a guitar is long gone & now this old beast is ready to be resolved into an obscure abstractness far away from lullabies.

The guitar solos titled ‘For Adam’ by the artist with the longest possible name ever ‘Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt’ also seem to have abandoned the traditional sense of the instrument. The artist makes the ears vibrate in a sense that it feels as if your head has been cased away in two guitars at the same time, giving you that wooden head like a true Pinocchio. The added vocal words here and there makes it a artistic experience, something you might expect to come across at a wordless poetry night of the future.

The wooden sounds actually sing, almost as if it is the sound of a violin that you would hear while waiting for your dinner at a local Chinese take-away. These melodies are full details, howling sweetly in your hollow head like a melodic void that you might have always had longed for. The music morphs into a singing song that feels very vocal and homely, as if we sit on a adult’s lap who hums us lovingly into a dense soulful calmness.

These two artists might be bringing ‘Guitar’ music, but it is simply not as you ‘know it’. In fact, you might really hate ‘guitar music’ and yet really love what these two artists have done over here on this fine double split album! It’s free to hear and download, so it doesn’t even cost a dime to try and dig it out!

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