Unlimited Space Nine – Rhythmic Robotica

Artist: Unlimited Space Nine
Title: Rhythmic Robotica
Keywords: Topics Progressive Trance, Psytrance, Trance, Psychedelic, Electronic, Dance, Experimental, Portugal

Hello and good day sirs and ladies, animals, creatures and mythological beings,
welcome at another manic episode of YIKIS. You might have noticed our disappearance of our daily music – writing activities. Trust me, we missed you as much as you might not have possibly missed us! It just happened that we had become addicted and our concerned friends and families had forcibly closed down the doors of our music reviewing headquarters and tranquilized all the reviewers and their many alter egos only to wake up in a rehab…

…But, of course we escaped! It took a while, but we did and do escape! Unfortunately the head office of yikis was sealed off, and it took a while to bite through the hard wood with our bare teeth…
but here we are, back again! And now we aren’t going back or trust our friends and family members ever and EVER again!

Of course our little traumatic experience over here had made us lose our faith in humanity a bit (not in you of course, but in humanity.) So that’s why our first lovely come back will be with some robotic music. This is where the music from Rhythmic Robotica by Unlimited Space Nine comes in. It proofs to every member of our reviewers team, addicted as we are (and proudly so!) that robots do have brains, feelings and emotions. But they probably lack that skill of betrayal disguised as love and care.

With the Rhythmic Robotica playing we could feel safely be-loved and straight forward while unstiffening our stiff muscles and bones. (the hours we have been strapped to a bed in the rehab was tremendous!) But thanks to this music, we can feel the oil rushing through the robotic brains, making us feel as if we have escaped a Goa island party full of white ravers with dreads and suddenly allowed LOVE back in the psytrance coldness.

To celebrate our return and the successful surrogate to the human touch by mechanic music, all of us made robot costumes out of carton boxes and moved around as this music played. If it was beautiful, or nice is not for us to judge as wearing carton on your head makes the sounds come in rather muted / mutated, but we still had a good time.. and you could too!

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One Response to Unlimited Space Nine – Rhythmic Robotica

  1. Linda says:

    I spend the weekend watching Seberiade (in 4 parts, you can find it on vimeo). Ofcourse the legendary theme came by, known by me mostly as “that zombie nation pkk resurrection tune”. Which had to be used to start the day.

    This nice robotic album fits like a glove to bridge it till lunch! perhaps that 432 Hz did the trick to boost my mood too. I don;t know, I don;t care, going strong like a robot now 😀

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