Stephanie Merchak – Eine Frage

Artist: Stephanie Merchak
Title: Eine Frage
Keywords: dark minimal dark techno electronic dubtechno experimental electronic Montreal
Label: D.M.T. Records

With a mysterious veil of electronics Stephanie Merchak aims straight at the knee caps, making them spas out involuntary rhythmic ways. It’s like a doctor hitting these special muscles with a cute little hammer to see and measure the response rate of the muscle. Maybe if you are paralyzed this trick might not work, but in all other cases the new music of Stephanie makes one dance with it without consent. The rhythms are simply irresistible and the ghostly ambient artifacts that surround them are like the spirits that make sure to pull you in a deep dancing trance.

They are deep and to the point, aiming directly to the most effective areas with baselines that will pull even the biggest resister into this dazed fancy state of body & mind movements. It is so effective that even a dead body might be turning around in its grave turning the grave into a personal rave. Stephanie Merchak’s atmospheric ambient techno goes beyond the four by four beats, lifts out our souls so we can see our bodies dance through a out of body experience. Brainless body dance moves on a automatic pilot can be witnessed as we view ourself from a distance; flying and floating around on these thick ambience synth sounds that are heavy and yet light enough to be like strong weightlifting clouds.

Even when the techno pounding dance infusions have left the premises for a hike, the music still cares for you mr vessel of a carcass. Pampering it with a surreal dark taint that keeps you hanging in there in the hope to find that new pulse of automatic dance move engagement. No bone will be left unturned as in this audio collection the end will be a successful banger. Resistance will be futile, the kicks will thrill any stiff pile of bones into a flexible tap dancer tapping away like a well oiled professional. Stephanie Merchak did not just aim to please, she aimed at taking over and control; I bet she is laughing from above, seeing this illustrious group of infected listeners dancing uncontrollably at their best of their abilities.

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