GIFGROND #63 party report

Remember that horrible series that we all watched but are too ashamed for to admit we seen it? The “Full House” one? Finally the horrors attached to this title had been erased by a voluminously ‘Full House” at the very latest Gifgrond party! It was so full that you might as well say that it was packed! Still there was enough space for the live acts (four of them! -told you it was a full house!) and DJ Down The Rabbit Hole to do their thing. Also not full enough to fill the left over space with a colorful happy dancing crowd of all ages and a well willing glow in the dark barman! Rumor went around that Gifgrond’s own miss T was celebrating her birthday & that it would be celebrated with a massive program of top notch good vibes & over the top entertainment!

Of course this was Gifgrond 63, ‘the beginning of ages party’ in which memorable memories would be made & forgotten at the same time (sometimes the poisonous gifgrond drinks might wipe out a entire memory!), of course as your faithful and loyal reporter I had refrained from any intoxicating items other than the music, musicians and the excellent atmosphere. I was so high on the atmosphere that someone had to hold me down otherwise I would have flown up to dance upside down on the ceiling! Not so crowded over there, yet i stayed on the floor as it’s nice to pretend to be one among the lovely people.

I came in when the party was already taking shape in a brewing form. This was all thanks to the scientific work of the energetic super duo named Satellite! They had come all the way from France to show us how it’s done. They created the right atmospheric darkness with the entrancing fatness combo of full on ballsy synths, intoxicating vocals and human’s best friend; the guitar. They did not just enhanced the beautiful gifgrond location with their intriguing rhythmic soundscapes that glued post punk drunk , krautrock and future blaze together, they also seemed to be impressed and possessed by it all themselves. You could either stare at them as they wobbled in a trance on their own sounds, or let the music crawl into you and join them in this almost voodoo like session of a take over! Many of the faithful Gifgrond party people combined the two; multi tasking simply never had been so much fun!

After this steaming hotness of a opening, it was time for Dawid Liftinger to do his thing.

My memory had been tainted throughout the years by sometimes mixing odorless paint thinner with alcohol, still I believe to have seen mister Liftinger performing before year’s back. It always makes me extra excited that I remember things, so I chatted in any unwilling ear that I could find enthusiastic gibberish like ‘I’ve seen him before, he is so good, I’ve seen him before, oh you have got to see this, it’s so good, I have seen him perform before and let me tell you, it’s so good”. Luckily for the unwilling ears, most of my headless chatter got absorbed by the experimental audio created by this artist of the highest order. I say this, because you have art and than you have artists; I think out of all the musicians that night ‘Dawid Liftinger‘ was ‘the artist’. You wouldn’t need to go into a museum as this artist had simply the skills to bring his art to you & turned the entire location into a interactive canvas with his lights and audio show! The sounds cluttered and the whole place was lid in a stroboscopic fun house kind of way. There had been no reports (that I know) of acute epilepsy, but than again it was too beautiful to go in a shock for!

After this pretty impressive show the Gifgrond ground received a massive load of love thanks to the enigmatic duo named Lovataraxx. I believe it isn’t the first time to have seen these two perform on the Gifgrond ground & I certainly hope this won’t be the last!

What a amazing and impressive energy these two managed to extract out of themselves and their table worth of equipment. They too came from France, clearly showcasing the country’s
advanced underground culture to the rural observing Dutch pigeons! They say observe and you shall learn, but this tricky pair made it impossible to stand still and get your pencils and notebooks out; they made the music that the Gifgrond audience could not resist to dance upon, creating a energy that pinged back and forth like a mutual exchange between the music makers and their happily entertained crowd! With their lively played fast and fattest electronic brand of synth punk they made the sounds bounce off the walls, hypnotizing the crowd with their sharp vocals like hyper poets on acid.

After this excellent duo, nobody less than Lone Taxidermist came out like a bomb of pure feast, ready to positively remind everyone (and anyone random that had walked in) that there was a amazingly good party going on! With colorful characters filling up the small area, armed with possibly the biggest auras ever to shine on Gifgrond, they occupied and ruled the space assigned to music making entertainment & the dance floor!

With facial decorations and state of the art fashions of fun, they sure had been the bright positive candies of the night, sweet and sour, poisonously positive and rare like a sight of tropical birds in a self redirected paradise; this band brought the instant carnival out on demand and made its festive presence flow like it had been the most naturalist thing to hear, see and feel.

A perfect ending of a new beginning, interacting with the audience to fill up their empty batteries to be loaded up with enough positivism to fearlessly face the upcoming hangover!

To finalize the night, the knowledgeable music man, aka the title holder of ‘DJ of the year’ as claimed by DJ Magazine ‘The DJ’; DJ Down The Rabbit Hole had made a amazing appearance. Normally playing his deejay sets in gigantic football stadiums, in massive clubs in Ibiza and even doing a massively acclaimed set high up in the Himalayas at last seasons ‘Burning Woman Festival’ it was a great surprise to hear and see this legend among legends back to his low key party roots at this incredible Gifgrond venue. No star allures or big ego nonsense coming from this man praised for his co-ownership of the successful Ordo Viatorum record label, only good vibes spinning out of this rabbit’s hole’s vinyl collection! All in all delivering the excellent end to a party (and a secret Birthday party) to remember and definitely not to forget!

I don’t know about you, but if you missed this episode it would be a really good plan not to miss the next one. Every time with Gifgrond you just think, oh it can’t get any better than this one & yet every time the gifgrond parties will proof you wrong! Never one single night the same & yet always a great time well spend!!
I drink some odorless paint thinner just to cheers on Gifgrond’s yet another rigorously successful event & some more on all the madness that the future will bring!

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