Max Cooper – emergence

Artist: Max Cooper
Title: emergence
Keywords: western, idm

I can’t hear this album in the shape and form that it probably supposedly to be intended to be heard; through a pair of high-tech headphones with the eyes closed and no background noises shining through.. but I’m flying high above the clouds and listen like a true audio barbarian to this work of art on a pair of crappy airplane headphones. The engine of this plane is pretty damn loud and all absorbing & even if the volume of this on board entertainment system is as up as it could possible be, it’s sporadically making its way though the heaviness of the engine drone. Still the things that shine through are definitely not unpleasant, with electric grooves, intelligent bits and blobs my ears could clearly identify the sounds of a good electronic album.

Of course it takes one to know one and I’m not a electronic album myself, but I could pretend to be one & if I did pretend I would agree with me who isn’t a electronica album. The track ‘waves’ does it especially well with the loudness of he airplane engine, floating on top with a lush groove that fits with the steady line of flying that I’m in. Talking about flying; do I see it clearly? is the album cover made out of specific designed weed? I ask this with a question mark as the album covers are extremely small depicted on this so called E-BOX thingy.

I can hear some piano notes plunging over the loud airplane sound, something that sounds like finger snapping and a steady rhythm. I cannot really distinguish the bass but that’s okay; I know it must be there somewhere, just the airplane loudness refuses it to be given away. It is selfish and wants to keep it for itself, just like the most part of the beginning of a track named ‘Myth’, I’m sure it’s there, yet the outside noise makes it into mythological music that is hardly there.

When a track titled ‘order from chaos’ played I quickly checked the airplane windows; did I fly through a rainy cloud? It sounded like that.. but indeed, of course it was not the raindrops on the window pane but the chaos transforming into a pretty order. Raindrops become melodic and the noise becomes like a singing mermaid lost in space. When I placed the crappy headphones a bit better on my ears I could hear these drops actually being active drums & a thump piano like Melody line that sounded like music for warriors with a gentle soul; very cool to hear high up above the clouds but probably also while on the ground!

I’m actually quite surprised, not about the music being so great, but that they would have this hidden among all the other newly released crap from music land. It does sound quite underground, not at all made to be a household name of success of taking over the pop scene till it cracks. No this is quite the trip music wise (from what I could distinguish that is) . I really like a track named ‘cycle’ it’s one of the few that the bass could out-groove the aircraft engine bombastically.

There was more… but than food was getting served and convenient concentration had been lost. Should listen it in better circumstances while flying high in more grounded ways.

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