Paloma Faith – The Architect

Artist: Paloma Faith
Title: The Architect
Keywords: pop, rock, western, soul,

England’s lioness Paloma Faith couldn’t sound any more triumphantly than on her latest statement of a album. She sings very confident, ruling the music like a directrice that touched upon the charm of the forgotten lost times, the ones in which music still sounded grand, big and glorious. Everything sounds grand like a soulful moving movie, the ones in which clearly lots of time and big money had been spend on the soundtrack. Do they actually still make movies like that?

Big vocal layering, choir like infused goosebumps.. even the song ‘I’ll be gentle’ sounds as massive as a gigantic musical elephant in the room. The whole album, including the short lived intermezzos feel as if they have been made for a time well spend with the family near the old fashioned radio. It sounds seasoned and yet modern, dusty and yet clean. The big pop potent song ‘kings and queens’ sounds like the architected hit of this album. Personally I don’t follow the hit parade, but I can imagine this one doing well; it’s catchy and hooky; if listeners with a hunger for pop where fish and Paloma Faith a fisher woman – we all would be hooked and fished up!

There is lots of tracks to explore on this album, and it’s fair to say that Paloma would easily fill the gap for the lost angel of Camden with some of her big ballads on here. So very close in grandioseness and yet so far removed from the potential moments in rehab. Paloma’s music sounds like a musical in which she is the standing ruler, one that with no matter how massive the sounds become, easily shines through with her bigness in voice. I wouldn’t be able to think of any artist of this kind playing the field at this moment who can do what she is doing. It’s no surprise that she sings ‘I’m a warrior’ on this album, as she for sure sounds like one. But not just one who slaughters brainlessly, she sounds one of the more fun kind! She would just hypnotize and floor her enemies by knocking them out with her talents & than dance all over them.. I’m convinced they would change their minds and praise her as a hero when she is done!

Credits and praise must also go to the all-round production of the sound, as I’ve personally been hearing and enjoying this album while flying high in a airplane & sipping piss poor (but free!) wine.

The sounds of the airplane engine is disturbingly loud and the headphones are tremendously crap; but this album by Paloma Faith is beating these circumstances in every way! Every frequency comes out and all could be heard, fighting the backdrop noises from the airplane as if it is nothing! Respect Paloma Faith and friends responsible for this album! I’ve enjoyed it and could definitely recommend it. Musically well done, huge sounds and enough diversity to keep the attention. Oh and I should not forget to mention her classy voice! Like silk, very strong silk! Beating the sound of the airplane engine like a true classy battlefield-worthy empress!

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