ChillyTrippyDippy – in high spirits

Artist: ChillyTrippyDippy
title: in high spirits
Keywords: ambient ibiza chill-out chillout electric guitar electronic guitar solo psybient psychedelic Spain

When my eyes saw the name ChillyTrippyDippy I immediately thought that this must be some silliness. Who else (in their right mind) would come up with such a name? It could be worse of course, it could have been SillyHippyPippy or LippyZippyStiffy.. but than my ears started to hear the actual music of this character and all made sense. This wasn’t just a random funny name. It had a actual meaning towards the music that this person was making. When I heard this character play I could hear the chilly , the trippy and even the dippy.

If my ears didn’t betray me, ChillyTrippyDippy is one that does well in the sun, on big stages iat summery festivals. Feeding thick grooves and channeling Jimi Hendrix kind’s of guitar solos to mesmerize its subdued drug enhanced audience members. Imagine them dancing half naked on a field, or sitting down (on the floor or on other person’s necks). The divvy spacious vibrations can obviously be heard from miles away, the erotic tones might go well with a randomly kissing hookup with a stranger that you just had met thanks to tracing down the clouds of weed. Big music, very chilly, dippy and trippy indeed!
It will be the soundtrack of festival baby making, multiplying the festival goers and doubling the younger age-range at the next festival season.

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