Agnes Pe – Syncopated Birth (Art´s Birthay 2018)

Artist: Agnes Pe
Title: Syncopated Birth (Art´s Birthay 2018)
Keywords: celebration detritus devotional dissection ars acustica arteries artsy happy birthday humppa metal public domain tetritek Lleida

It’s always a headache to find the happy birthday music for a far friend, relative, close friend,friend, lover or garden pet. But thanks to Agnes Pe all our birthday troubles are over as this artist has not only created the best possible & suitable birthday music for all, she also takes the time to give ‘to whoever the special day belongs’ the perfect personal birthday wish. She basically does all the words and the thinking for you, and it will make the birthday music receiver and possible guests smile and happy.

How generous and kind to create this instant one-for-all happy birthday gift, it is so much fun that you would wish it was your or someone else their birthday almost each and every other possible day. In fact it might inspire you to go on social media and search for people that you don’t even know, persons who have been due to celebrate their birthdays, just so you can befriend them in order to tickle their fancy with Agnes Pe her perfect happy birthday wish & audio extravaganza!

In a way Agnes ape is delivering everyone a good day with this release. Goof fun for the birthday people, but also the birthday well wishers. And as with every Agnes Pe release, she does it in the most original, yet very -Agnes Pe- way! So if you are into the kookiness that comes with the birthday celebrations, or indeed need to pass the perfect well wishing birthday wish & soundtrack to a character that is having its birthday; seek no further!

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