Acid Parenting – Oof

Artist: Acid Parenting
Title: Oof
Keywords: 4th world experimental keiji haino acid art rock exotica jad fair les rallizes denudes lounge outsider post-exotica psych sludge stoner Baltimore
Label: Volcano Casanova

Oops! I’ve been listening to Oof by acid parenting & I’m not sure if it was the best time well spend. It was quite heavy, with a raging sound that feels menacing slow, raw & oddly energizing in a manic kind of way. At times it becomes a bit more speedy, but in general it feels as if the rhythmic session had been a fine result of drugged musicians that struggle to balance their life on earth on a vertical level. I imagine them jamming ‘oof’ in a Basement and them falling over, or tip toeing among audio cables and filthy instruments. You could just hear the grease dripping down the damp walls, probably made to keep the noises trapped inside.

Still that is the magic of ‘oof’; a recording session that seems to take its name quite seriously. While it plays and afterwards when it stopped playing, I could hear myself mumbling ‘oof’ out loud and clearly. There are the sounds of drums and a rare sickness of lively played smelly noisy material & a voice that feels like it’s coming out of the mouth from a actor playing a freaked out bob-cat figure in a police academy episode. There is something to it, as if it’s played to channel a atmospheric cave scenery with cartoonish melodramatic dreadful characters inside, planning their night time robberies and engagements in naughty activities.

In that sense listening to ‘Oof’ is a experience, as if we can sneak into that forbidden private territory & observe the madness from upfront and close. You might say ‘oof’ a couple of times because of the heaviness, but it also seems to be pretty intriguing. But hey, personally I’m always fascinated and interested in the baddies. They always seem to be much more fun than the goodies, right? So I guess it’s okay to tune in and surround yourself into mad cave criminal music & hang on the lips of this experiment from Baltimore. They can’t hurt you, maybe drain you out a bit, yet the intrigue of hearing unstable characters do their thing is truly a thing to be easily get addicted on. Trying it out might not harm you:

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