Alien Tantric Method – Intraverse

Artist: Alien Tantric Method
Title: Intraverse
Keywords: ambient art noise electronic experimental quebec city space ambient cinematic dark space ambient drone experimental electronic post-industrial Canada

The aliens are here and they clearly delivered their alien tantric method for us to become in some state of submissive trance. Ready to receive new information, to settle down in soundscapes that we think are familiar , but actually might have never been heard on a recording. It is like a illusion or a intense form of trickery, as the mind might believe that we are wading around places like empty gymnastic locker rooms and under water submarines, but the truth is that these sounds are actually as foreign as foreign could be. These sounds will take us to odd places somewhere in the realities of science fiction and deep space.

With ease this alien tantric method of mind absorbing is able to do it’s business. The minimal and yet fully detailed soundscapes are hopelessly intoxicating. Taking the mind away in a odd form of trust and comfort, abducting the listening listener to these alienating realms that even though they are quite dark and intense, are pretty much a neural toxin that tranquilizes us all with care. The heartbeat might line up to the luke-warm industrialism. The eyes lid up as the sounds of the internal organs of unknown space ships are revealed through the ears. Even if we are captured by the dark overlords from the universe, the powers of their sounds are so different and strong that you would just sit there with the hollow eyes of pure fascination.

Eventually any possible fear for the unknown will be conquered as the trip becomes more cool and comfy. Offering pulsing rhythms and gassy ambiances that are eventually hard to sit still too, transforming the chilled out abduction period into one in which you almost want to indulge in a marching session for your alien captivators. Show them how you can parade around like a pretty trophy somewhere in space! It’s the least you could do, as this music took you out of orbit by surprise & free traveling to alien spaces always comes with a price… the happenings on this excellent album are indeed, worth your life!

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1 Response to Alien Tantric Method – Intraverse

  1. J.D. Alien says:

    Hi! I just wanted to thank you for the kind review of my album. The author really nailed what I was aiming for when I made this album. There’s more to come, too!

    Thank you again.

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