Bloom de Wilde – Animal Spirit

Artist: Bloom de Wilde
Title: Animal Spirit
Keywords: devotional, surreal, art, pop, cats, dreamscape, cats, flowers, animation
Label: Womp Records

Imagine a beautiful galaxy triggered by the powers of music, one that is occupied by flowers, crystals and planetary playfulness. Think of a amazing spacious world in which clouds form magical seas and the sky is full of interesting shapes and patterns. Believe in this surreal world that might be far, but is actually only a mouse click away. Yet no mouse would ever want to set a tiny foot in this magical wonderland, as matter of fact; it is solidly ruled by wise spirited cats.

If you have checked the mirror lately in order not to see yourself looking back as a fragile mouse; you will be in luck. As there is no way you can resist not visiting this!

As you could see & hear above ‘modern technology’ offers you now a adventurous flower-portal to jump into, providing you a intensive pretty glimpse of this alternate dreamlike reality. Perhaps one far away from anything that your own mind could have probably imagined, a audio scenery that will flabbergast your senses and possibly trigger your heart to meow along in a spacious peace. Where else can you look at falling stars, hear and see beautiful lively flora , pretty crystals and lovely cats all at the same time?

Truth is, this is the channeled audio and visual world born out of multimedia artist, musician and songstress Bloom de Wilde. These are her cats (Jan & Lola) as seen through her own mind, ruling the spacious landscapes that are pretty, smell nice & are very much alive. With her very own passion, skill and ‘Animal Spirit’ she visualized her inner visions, worked all by herself to animate them and now made this world available for all of us to see, hear and experience.

This is the first music video for her first single coming from her upcoming album. Her ‘Animal Spirit’ is a strong deviant life-song, empowering all, especially people who love cats and cats themselves, so in case you did see a mouse staring back at you when checking out that reflection in the mirror; you better make a run for it! These kittens in cars are not only cute but also speedy!

Animal Spirit‘ is available from all the possible channels and Spotify

keep in touch and follow Bloom and her adventures on Facebook, instagram , SoundCloud, twitter & youtube

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1 Response to Bloom de Wilde – Animal Spirit

  1. Linda says:

    It’s a song not new to the ears, yet refreshing and giving strength to whatever mood I’m in, just like the first time! Can’t wait for a full album with such delightful heart-lifters like these! ❤ ❤

    Visited a struggling friend yesterday, in need of a new computer background image. I frequently use artwork from albums reviewed here as they are often as interesting as the music. I already treated myself to a fresh background with cat and flowers with a screenshot from the mesmerizing video. However, the friend said "no more cats for me!!" (I said she's struggling, right). Managed to get her a nice kaleidoscope instead 😀

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