Henge – in praise of water / valerian tea

Artist: Henge
Title: in praise of water / valerian tea
Keywords: party band

It’s fun how you could either stumble upon music, get it send to you or splashed into your face by a enthusiastic music lover. Hung came to me through a visit of one of the amazing people that organize the Mandrea music festival, a yearly event in a beautiful location under a gigantic mountain. This year’s festival will be even longer, simply because the amount of music makers to perform is piling up so much that more days have to be pulled out of the hat to give them all a place to crash and a spot on stage. One of these acts that will be flown over for this event is Henge. Maybe well endowed, but that is something we can’t really see, only imagine, but ‘Henge’ is the name of the band in question. They love their special tea, and to make it, they must have water! It isn’t a surprise that they celebrated and honored their water as well as their choice of tea! And they do this is such a happy way!
Henge is a perfect choice for a festival band as it’s all what a festival should be about: partying! Having fun and of course space frogs and happy music to dance upon! They must be in the happy zone by their daily dose of valerian tea, like true English people – they can’t love without it!
There is not a lot of things that I can say, or you need to read.. just look and hear and share the joy around:

For more music by Henge, please visit their bandcamp account:

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1 Response to Henge – in praise of water / valerian tea

  1. Linda says:

    This trips me right through every working day! ❤
    Yet why are they performing next week in the middle of week and night in Amsterdam. Seriously overthinking taking Thursday off, yet I know I'll need more than a day to recover from breaking my weekly sleep schedule #fuckingOld

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