Tarkamt – live at the Necropolis

Artist: Tarkamt
Title: live at the Necropolis
Keywords: cairo egypt electronic rock experimental indie rock krautrock no wave psych psychedelic synth synthpunk techno Los Angeles
Label: Doom Trip records

Hello and welcome at another episode of ‘reading about music that you could hear with your very own ears.’ It’s quite a silly practice, but isn’t that what life is all about? Time has been extremely limited over at the YIKIS headquarters and the requests have been piling up till the moon, so apologies… but the waiters should just have to wait some longer as this release on Doom Trip had caught my ear! Actually both my ears! It’s a interesting album with quite some variations, worth to check out and go through – the last song will reward your faithfulness. But let’s do a ‘one step at the time’ thingy and chat about the tracks in chronological order…

Chrysalis is the intense beginning of what might as well feel like a doomed end. With a drone introduction the real hellish creatures sneak out, jumping into unlucky or lucky earlobes of the potential listeners as if they have been escaped more musical cast members of the Gremlins. They sing, they drum, they pull down the curtains and chase your pet canary.

With ‘Ebola green’ their adventure gets a cool taint, jumping on a wicked electric rhythm and funky, yet slightly naughty super groove. It’s music to dance upon, but also for practicing and exercising the tough looking walks. With a rusty synth they emulate the prospects of a electric guitar as to say: we can happily rock out on anything and still look amazing.

Churning the ocean of milk’ keeps up the attitude as contributed to nasty little fun loving monsters. You can hear that they have a sense of humor as well as that they are slightly pissed off. It feels as if they are either are disturbing a public toilet by urinating a gigantic flow of their milky liquid or their just splash your ears with a tremendous amount of saliva breath. It’s definitely noisy, a big wave to ride and a challenge for anyone not into anti music, but it also has that absurd cinematic aspect that feels quite refreshing. After my ears being drowned in their waterfall of audio, I felt pretty much revitalized.

The next track titled ‘The Silo’ has the right amount of shakers and woodblocks to get wobbly legs. But the voice that dances steadily on this rhythm seems to be monstrously brewing. Like a dark endangered lost soul that lives in the psychedelic realm ready to hunt you for your life energies. Somehow the music makes the prospect of being sucked out not at all that bad! (!)

Et Sic at Infinitum feels a bit like a boss a nova at first, the one with the standard electric organ drum to row its course. Somehow it gets deeper than that, rumbling and buzzing like a rock opera Dracula playing in his castle while also entertaining the cute baby bats with some sleepy friendliness. It’s a odd combination, especially with the out of the blue electric guitar material that feels like it’s been played like a saxophone on acid.. maybe it is a saxophone on acid.. or maybe a bagpipe that is completely screwed up.. in any case it’s a bit of a adventure.

Outer Gateways combines computer beeps with more authentic dramatic emo works as played out on a devotional guitar. The combo gets a severely good glue by a seductive steady kind of shimmering beat and synthesized freakishness. Together they set out the musical soundtrack to howl at the moon for. It has that night owl vibe that looks at you wisely with its big eyes and than devours you like a mouse that had no clue what would happen…

Death Takes A Vacation’ is as if a female version of Stephen Hawking had gone on to follow a career as a pop singer with Tarkamt as the backing band. The melancholy is high, the rhythmic guitar is hypnotic, the nastiness of electrical goodness is perfect: like a crazy dentist that uses its equipment for internal tooth music making and operating at the same time. It might not be the compact cash and run kind of pop track, but it does stays in the head and begs to be heard more and more. Maybe begging is not the right word; it’s more like a drug that is addicted at first sniffle.

All the way at the end is The Harbinger, a more final salute to our ears. Something that feels as if we are facing drama & yet will have the right soundtrack to see the benefits from it. It sounds feverish, sharp and when it really kicks off it becomes like a brutal stepper that will slap your face on both cheeks simultaneously! This is the one that rips everything apart, the single that could tremble houses and flattens sky scrapers. The surreal darkness of growling electrifying material rocking out and the nightly voice is like a tune that you know – even if you have never heard it before. It’s fairly dark, yet the synth lines gives it the light that keeps it up on the energy levels & not slipping into the zones of depressive shadow plays. It’s the epic track on this release that on its own should be powerful enough to carry all these tracks single-handily!

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