Electric Indigo – Mongolia Ep

Artist: Electric Indigo
Title: Mongolia Ep
Keywords: electronic berlin electronic experimental electronic hardwax house techno techno and variations vienna Austria
Label: Houztekk Records

It’s good to have a rhythm that can carry you. I mean that means you don’t need to carry yourself, can just relax and let the music take control and bring you somewhere that you (hopefully) wanted to go. This seems to be the thing with Susanne Kirchmayr aka Electric Indigo’s music over here; perfectly carrying listeners around as if we are tripped out toddlers on acid and the music caring hands from a carer. With minimal pressure the rhythm holds us up in the air, moves us from one place to another, shaking the electric shakers until we wiggle our bums one ass cheek after the other. Maybe even two at once!

The rhythmic sounds are like a futuristic statement, pumping like a alien techno queen that had ordered a mind controlled woodpecker to peck a piece of wood for that organic and timely vibe. Not sure if this music carries everyone to the place where they out to be, but to me this alienating zone of a rhythmic future seems the way forward. The last piece on this EP takes us to a more dubbier side of the minimal four by four spectrum. It’s also my most favorite space of them all, sounding wet, dry and comfy with this little touch of playfulness that somehow makes me smile from the inside out. It somehow makes the horses on the front cover move within my head, hobbling around like a merry couple with no knowledge of anything headache-wise. I enjoyed the music ending on this happy note & that this was the actual place that electric indigo had carried me and all the other lucky listeners. I imagine us all bopping our heads now, satisfied and moved… wanting to jump on a horsey’ back for another fine ride!

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