various artists – Doom Mix Vol. II – Ltd. Edition Cassette

Artists: various
Title: Doom Mix Vol. II – Ltd. Edition Cassette
Keywords: electronic ambient experimental indie rock psychedelic synth techno vaporwave Los Angeles
Label: Doom Trip

Lately we have seen some major light shining on the Doom Trip label, it’s well deserved as I believe they work hard, do it with passion and have a good collection of music in their belly. The label seem to celebrate their listeners, music and existence by providing a great compilation. It sounds as if you are reading the words of a ass licker, & yes sometimes : why not? But this time the ass of Doom Trip doesn’t need to be licked as the music speaks for itself and it is good! Let me tell you about these tracks on this Doom mix as that’s what I seem to do…

ESPRIT 空想’s Ballad4 sits at the very start of this new doomed mix compilation celebration release. It fits a beginning as it gives the instant home brewed VHS tape kind of flavor. You know, as if you have put a old dusty rental tape in a video player and pressed that wonky play button hard to make it work.. It has that sound that feels as if it has been touched by media that the minority of society deemed redundant & yet the left over ones keeps on cherishing like their most favorites things on earth. Nostalgia might be the right word for it.

To keep our heads cool the masters of fitting line ups placed Interbella’s Exotix up next. This one sounds like the soundtrack of a low budget Ben Hurr movie mixed with a stoner rock attire. It fits a image of sunglasses and a cigarette hanging out of a tough drummer’s lips. The grand snippets of melodramatic Melody makes it big and cinematic, yet the caveman-like steady drum makes it a lonely procession. Interesting combo if I may say so… I believe I may, so: interesting combo!

Up next is the groovy sparkles of Mukqs’s Menuing [Blind]. You must be inhuman if you don’t like this, it’s hitting all the universal pleasure boxes of the brain; with lushness, irresistible rhythm, ever so safe electric atmospheric sounds and those underlying bass that just wobbles in and out in all the right ways. If you had not been completely sure if you wanted to go on the Doom trip journey, this might be the moment that your senses will decide for you by saying ‘yes’ and pulling your ears in deep. What’s there to fear? Nothing! What’s here not to like? Nothing. A very safe public pleaser.

From here we must have gained enough confidence to fall into a track that would satisfy anyone finding this compilation by searching the term “Doom”. The track in the dimmed spotlight is Diamondstein’s Taghut #2, a technoid trip with a dark doomed swingy attitude. It has those subtle rhythm tricks that might secretly twist a listener’s brain in a knot, or vaporizes the effects of ecstasy and replaces it with the tension of lurking darkness that shimmers in the pulsating shadows like a friend that would engage in murder.

To keep in the nastier sides of doomed music, we can hear Argiflex’s Jenkem Baby. It starts pretty evil, but soon makes way for lush and open sounding spectacular synth organism. When they get the companionship with busy breakbeats, the launch of audio bomb getting all freaky, the feel good moment becomes this sadistic torment of heavy excellence. With big beats, nasty dramatic tones and slight distortion this track becomes more like a story telling adventure and a showcase for Agriflex’s productive creativity than just your average track you would thought to find in the middle of a mega compilation. This is no snackbar food, this is a proper meal!

The crown jewel of Doomtrip’s artist roster R. Stevie Moore also fits in by bringing the right atmosphere with his pretty sounding Rolnd01A: GOAT work. It’s the most friendliest sounding track on this compilation, quietly entrancing a balance between pleasurable hypnotic melodic beauty and a tension of something (whatever that something is blessed or doomed) coming our way… a real teaser!

Luckily Trium Circulorum will take over with the shaking sound of a ticking time bomb. ‘What You Wish For’ starts slow, giving hope to find the answer if this trip will become happy and bright or that the compilation will provide a more nastier view of the world. My conclusion is that this track will be keeping it somewhere in between, inducing a mellow dramatic state of cold floored techno with effective claps and a atmosphere that touches upon the psychedelic movements that makes the Goa beaches unlivable.

More spiritual inducing is ‘Left Wing’ by Sangam. Of course with a title like this, you might think automatically that this must be about politics, but hearing it, it feels much more literal. This must be a tribute to the left wing of a angel. Ever so kind, so soft, so feathery. You just wish that the other half of the pair of wings is still out there somewhere, cause that must mean more pretty music!

Thanks to good luck and apparently good taste of the doomed label owner, we don’t need to wait for the other wing to pop up as raeyden Jae’s Rubble Knuckle is pretty angelic too. It’s coming across like a cloud, not one filled with rain but one that is stacked with particles full of love. There is humming and a energy that feels like it’s made in someone’s tool shed, but thanks to the angel dust from the music fairies it had become fully integrated to fulfill the musical bliss.

Listening can’t get more rewarding than when this cute wonder titledToy Pudding by Dntel comes in. It’s so sweet, original and melodically engaging in a ultimate feel good time vibe. It’s hard to explain and so much better to listen! The melodies and the sounds that create them & the energy that keeps it up and running is just catering what friendly happy music should be all about. I expect that even the biggest Scrooge would melt with this one playing!

No Death’s Early also makes a surprise entrance on this collection of divers music that thanks to smart planning, all seemed to go into each other like a adventurous well willing flow. This one is all glittering and kind, one that comes across like candlelight in music form. A little bit sparkling, not in your face, just enough to lid this side of the release up.

Solo1 comes with Reverse C, which does honor its title by sounding as if it’s a record all stretched out and gone in reverse. It’s one of those tracks that should be fine when played in a coffee shop in Amsterdam. Slightly mysterious, barely touching upon a concrete thing, yet providing enough material to trip on. What is hiding behind this sound, what does the secret layers of music has to say and tell? I don’t know really, I guess you have got to be proper stoned to hear and understand it all.

Heejin Yang provides one of the bleaker, perhaps even darker tracks on this collection. Giving the energy of a spooky psychedelic techno rave, yet not properly going for it, making it a teasing taster that tricks the mind into thinking that the dance anthem will explode and drop, yet it strays away from that.. creating some kind of excitement that keeps us in the shadows till it’s all done and over with.

To bring that festive party vibe there is a big need for some funny trolling. Luckily MrDougDoug is here with ‘I Trolled A Wonton Database Wheel’. It’s madness, chopped up to make some kind of piss taking Irish idiographic that would drive even the most stable person over the edge. Straight ahead into Doom Trip valley! Yahooo! Come over and hear / download this complete collection for free at the following link:

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