Furchick – No Parking

Artist: Furchick
Title: No Parking
Keywords: experimental
Label: Dog Park

Psychedelic experimentation has gone next level with this very ear triggering new style and direction of Furchick. The effects, the best Audio manipulations and sounds are shaped into a amazing collection of compositions that sound very different than previous experienced music pieces from this furry chicken. It sits perhaps in the fact that it is sounding perhaps less punk and much more refined. Of course this is material that is very adventurous, with lots of magnifying eyes focusing on all the pretty details. Thunder and lightning, electronic touches that are previously unheard and uncalled for, field recordings as full grown instruments – all working together for a surreal audio escape that even though it’s open space & mindedness, keeps itself short and compact; as if it’s a intake of LSD but done in responsible micro doses! Very designed, but fully out there to give you the best trip possible!

These tracks could be described from top to toe, being outlined by my personal trip experience – yet I will refuse, as I believe that the visual images as seen while experiencing this music, should be a private matter. But to me, they are the best of this kind, bringing me out and in the open, to colorful places in which not only audio is captured, but also the smells and the flavors of the places that Furchick has used as ingredients. At one moment I could taste salt on my lips, I could smell the sea and a fish stall nearby on the beach, I could see the naughty seagulls and even feel the urge of thinking that I might have to dive away – avoiding drops of low flying seagull pooh.

It’s so very 4D this release of music & you don’t even need to wear special virtual reality gear or odd looking glasses to experience it! That’s pretty remarkable and worth the appreciation and praises! So let these sound compositions speak to the imagination & don’t let yourself be put off by this release it’s title: this is the music of Furchick in which you should definitely park your ears in!

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