Luxury Mollusc – Osseous Labyrinth Vestibule

Artist: Luxury Mollusc
Title: Osseous Labyrinth Vestibule
Keywords: doom metal drone electronic experimentalindustrial ritual ambient Galway

Hi and hello positive people, are you ready for another write up / review for something out of the mainstream? Or maybe it is mainstream, as we saw all these mega noise festivals popping up, and even the popular dead mouse and skrilled skillex doing harsh noise walls for sold out stadiums full of a eager paying crowd. But no, don’t worry this album over here doesn’t go for that kind of stableness, it is more going for a abstract noise based sound construction with here and there some epic moments. But mostly it comes across as domething that feels as if it’s scraping the speakers in a web of sensible distortion, manipulated by knives and forks & electricity. Hell, maybe even spoons. It’s atmospheric in a gothic way, with deep dense synths as sinister audio carpets slipping through the noises for a thickness no spiderweb could compare itself with. There are more moments that truly excite me, but to reach them you have to sit through these lengthy sessions like a humble ghost with all the time in the world on its see-through-hands.

All the chapters of this ‘Story’ come with pretty long titles, probably trying to fill up the lack of information that lays within these deep and grinding noise ambient tracks. But somehow I refuse to read them and just hear the material as it scratches my ear puss out. How does this make me feel? A bit like wading around in a art house backdrop of a horror movie. There is not much gore, or actual horror thriller action, but more a shimmering zone that would be like a perfect stage for such a thing.

It’s like ambient music for the Adams Family. Mister and miss Adams would probably enjoy a romantic night with this bouncing off their manor walls. Arms and hands will be kissed and souls tormented; how delightful! Add a little pain and suffering & you just know they will be doing lots of hanky spanky with this album in the back, getting them in the right mood. Of course this is not a album made for the actual Adams family, or for the Munsters, but it’s just to give an idea … people of similar kind would probably dig this release very much. Probably other people too, but that special kind just a little bit more than anybody else. Or so, I presume as I’m not a Adams and even I seem to dwell in it. Maybe we can all give it a try, let’s hold hands and jump into the next link:

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