Remute – Limited

Artist: Remute
Title: Limited
Keywords: chiptune electro electronic house techno Hamburg

Does it suck? Asked the artist creator of this release upon submission. I bet this person is talking about this album and not about that clown from that Stephen King book. I do not know if it sucks, it doesn’t sound so sucky to me. It’s not the music made by a vacuum cleaner or a field recording of someone sucking a lollipop. But it does sound perhaps sometimes like the soundtrack of a life that might suck; drama, retro nostalgia, elephant techno music – that kind of thing.

Or is it? Nah, not really. Or maybe it is? It’s all about personality and taste. It does all starts with that doom gloom vibe but there is also fun inside, a bit of silliness that already hops in with the second track on this release. It’s more colorful and yet very retro, as if it’s made with a old tracker with the sounds that haven’t lost their memorable dated vibes since the day that they had been conceived. It’s probably truth, as the vinyl album’s bonus tunes can be purchased on a friendly looking floppy disk! Be free to give in to that orgasm!

And even the remark of a techno party infested by elephants might not be favorable in a real life situation (people might be stepped on or fall over gigantic piles of elephant poohs) – to hear it in audio form is not at all that unpleasant. Just hear those elephants blow their horns! Dumbo would be so proud!

I guess even the artist must have enjoyed that one, as the creator goes on a bit of a techno spree with ‘Wobblen’ as the first more serious one in the long grainy line of minimal beat material. I’m not sure what the muffled voice is saying within at all the right moments of this minimal beat and bubble combo, but I imagine it is saying ‘toilet’. It might make sense as some kind of wobbling sounds do make a person want to make a shit.

This made straight for the dance floor minimal material seems to be going on for a while with the other tracks on this release. It’s good stuff if you don’t really want to think about anything, just wanted to drink your stolen crate of energy drinks in combination with the contents of a Art Deco bottle of gin, but I doubt that it will make you see colors of the rainbow or take you somewhere on a high grade trip to freaking wonderland. It has that pulse of energy, but refrains from flavoring them.

To me this part of the release seems to be more the music for control freaks, people that want to let go, but can’t really do it. People who squeeze their butt cheeks together just to prevent the possibility of a vile smell slipping out. I imagine people dancing only with their little pinkies, doing minimal movements while the rest of their bodies stand still like a statue; you know: special kind of ravers. But seeing the massive popularity and support for this release, there must be a lot of them. Some kind of crowd that take their own clubs by storm, with a bouncer at the door checking out if you had been wearing the right shoes to come in or not.. no flower power pants allowed!

So does it suck? I do not think so. Is it my cup of tea? I do not really think anyone cares if I like it or not. But I certainly do not hate it. It could have been more colorful to my taste, but than again if the artist had gone for that train-like emptiness of pure minimal techno music in a retro fuzzy low tech sound; it certainly succeeded. Personal Favorite track must be the one named ‘Autoimune’ as this one sounds so old school, dirty and so tracker demo scene style, anyone would recognize that chewed out drum loop & that gets me more excited, than the prospect of a free drink tasting evening at the local off license. There is simply something about nostalgia sounds and retro material that will make anyone (who has been sniffing in it) feel all emotionally triggered.

The minimal train makes way for a more funkier sounding tune titled My House, My Car, My Yacht. This one really hits that boat. It reminds me of playing that William Shatner game Tekwars, as the sounds used are exactly the same as the music in that game. Nice use of that bass, warmth and groove. It’s a relief when this album drops the tight seriousness and just goes for the fun. It also feels like a reward that the album officially ends with a track titled ‘Bluescreened’ as even though it sounds a tiny bit more high tech, (as if a good old trance VST synth has been pulled in to make this one happen), slightly breaking with the more grainy low fidelity sound and feel of the rest of this album; it does feel like a open ending & a slight invitation to a more psychedelic triggering episode in the near future. Let’s hope the crew of supporters would hop along & bring enough energy drink gin mix for everybody!

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