rat seizure – chemical rights of passage

artist: rat seizure
title: chemical rights of passage
keywords: avant-garde, expérimental, free improvisation, noise, Panama City
label: fork and spoon recordings

This music by Rat Seizure gives us listeners the situation of 3 creative crazy people teaming up for some ‘anything goes’ music. It feels as if the trio had gone on a (road?) trip together and we are invited to sit in the middle of them, hearing them interact with their fine oddities. At first sight and listen you might think; oh no! insanity & improvisations ; this can’t be for me… But don’t be fooled by these ‘fools’ as it seems to be that they are out to trick unwanted listeners, as these fellows aren’t as insane as they might want you to believe.

Sure they have their weirdness, mostly all neatly concentrated at the beginning of this release. One moments in which someone is pressing children phones and try to call the operator & at others it feels as if they are very close to the ears licking it with their tongues. Poetry might be read, squeals out of bowels might be presented, whistles might be blown… over here anything is possible.

Sometimes we might just experience this starter as diarrhoea, or them on some kind of out of this mind adventure, doing impressions of aliens and what’s not.

You can say a lot about this bunch and about these people by peeking into the beginnings of these recordings, but what you can’t say is that they leave your bored. Every second seems to be filled with another creative way. Even though it is so busy, it does feel like they are relaxed and if they have it all under control, even though nobody might know what the hell is exactly going on. Perhaps a madness most Devine. But please sit through it, be brave as when they settle down in their togetherness – absolute magic happens!

Yes, they will drum with their porridge, give rusty guitar solos, seduce you with a backdrop of relentless bass. And hell yeah, They even offer you chestnuts!Their potent urge to show off their nuttiness and sweet friendliness is all there, but it is the music itself that seems to flourish the most when the polite silliness seems to become forgotten. I mean, they are obviously nice people creating a intensive togetherness session of pure friendship over here. By listening to it you feel either or very out of place, or in a safe place among them at your very own private concert!

But there is something I have to mention over here: This album of music isn’t your average Joe, Bill and Bob teaming up in a caravan to eat pot based cookies and go for a jam; this album is surprisingly good in the way that it turns out pretty much great music and entertainment at the same time. There is never a moment that you will go to sleep, that it becomes repetitive or old, the improvised music is simply always on the move, changing with sounds and rhythms and feelings, moving in directions that keeps the ears pointed and wide open. There aren’t any painful moments or bad vibes, it’s all a perfect togetherness that shouldn’t be underestimated; to get the right people together that click and make it work like this, isn’t as easy as someone might think & the result is a surprisingly great listenable album with musicality, art, fun and a feel good brotherly happiness all entangled into one!So don’t be fooled, these people might put on a cloak of insanity, their musicality is top notch!

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