Matias – Blue Bible

Artist: Matias
Title: Blue Bible
Keywords: acoustic alternative electronic freak folk indie lo-fi psychedelic pop New York
Reviewer: Joe the Cowboy

Hello cowboys and cowgirls, I’m hanging out in the saloon after a forced closing time. I’ve kicked everyone out including the bartender – so I can help myself – and have a reasonable chilled out time in this post deco wooden decorated place, to chill out with the background music after a long pony ride over the prairie.

What brought me here? Of course the irresistible smell of intoxicating liquids but it was mainly the music that they had been playing in this saloon. It wasn’t rowdy as any other saloon that I have parked my horsey against, but somehow sounded like something that would go well after a winning bar fight and a couple of free cold beers from the help yourself bar.

The music was coming out of the authentically crafted saloon speakers, not too loud or too soft; just about right. It was real music with singing and songs (those two combined!) and all in this atmosphere that feels quite sedated and yet not snail-like. Feel good music for turtles and long day rewards, perfect after being tormented by all the wild actions of the day (bounty hunting, taking the cows for a stroll, mashing up all the precious customers in the saloon so I could have some peace and quiet) a necessary ideal to listen to this music.

The saloon’s barman had it tough as he refused for some time to reveal what this music was, but when he mentioned (after a few direct punches) ‘matias’ and ‘blue bible’ as he spat out a handful of teeth I was glad to let him go out of the door. With music like this, violence shouldn’t really take place, it does not only sound disrespectful for the opiated songs, it just feels like the wrong way to do.

This whole album sound like a puffy pie that had lost almost all energy, half dead yet with a stable heartbeat. Yes, It’s definitely no fighting or bar brawl music, it’s more falling into the extreme ‘pacifist’ genre. Which is a rarity to hear at a saloon as it’s mostly rowdy music with banjos and all that, which (I think) was it what made this place more attractive than all the other saloons in the valley. It just sounded more like a place to chill out, to settle down in the realm of a quiet evening without the distraction of loud vulgar bar attendees and their mates. It was a tough fight to throw the noisy lot all out, but it was worth the gun powder and bruised knuckles.

So yes, if you don’t mind to leave me alone and in peace? So I can shoot up the heroin quicker than my own shadow in this nice and silent peaceful environment… thanks. Oh and if you want to hear this music yourself that I had to fight for? Just go here, partner:

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