Ivonne Van Cleef – Ivonne Van Cleef . 7

Artist: Ivonne Van Cleef
Title: Ivonne Van Cleef . 7
Keywords: experimental rural san jose ca santa febedroom recordings drone lo-firural psychedelia tascam San Jose

To step into this EP is like going through a curtain of glitter, all spaced up on psychedelia and laid back sparkles. You go through it with the expectation to find a wonderland, but instead you will find a Walhalla of forgotten music that sounds as if it had been created in a bedroom with walls covered in a yellowish brown wallpapered nostalgia, one that features the memory of one that is covered with a pattern of flowers that had come to life and in the end, might gracefully die again.

In fact everything in the room might have been moving like a dandelion, pretty proud in a little flow of fresh air, somehow growing in the middle of summer – all the way bowing down to a less profitable season. You can’t hardly notice it, as it moves so gradually and fine. Birds and angels fly out of them and the walls disappear to make space for a dimension that is better than the ones that are being traditionally induced through the medium of a sedative tranquilizer.

But there is no pressure here, no storyline of forced adventure. There is simply no garden gnome that will pop out and say ‘hello’ to you. There is certainly no odd elf that will take you by the hand and ask you to save their habitat with a heroic act. It’s a calm environmental psychedelic calm movement that makes you see the auras of things that aren’t there, but are ‘there’. If you would tell this to a doctor you might end up in a straight jacket, but if you are a fan of mind changing products combined with the interest of secret portals that only music can open; you’ll probably know what I’m chatting about. (The fact that I’m wearing a straight jacket now and type this review with the point of my nose should just be taken for granted..)

This act of music movement is minimal, coming across sedated and sleepy, perhaps things shouldn’t actually move at all, but this music taps into the mind for a game of psychedelic trickery. It’s so thin and fine that it is almost impossible to fully recognize that it does the thing that it does. Yes, my words are vague and intoxicated, but the music is so gentle and hard to describe & yet so easy to be heard. You just click the following link and you are all set to go:

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