Avs Silvester – Systems

Artist: Avs Silvester
Title: Systems
Keywords: progressive rock rock avant-garde avant-prog experimental hacker kraut-djent linux post-punk post-rock progressive metal psychedelic rock space rock Yekaterinburg

Avs Silvester is one of the favorite music providers in my little fantasy house hold. This busy artist from Russia has not only introduced me on a personal level to the country’s science fiction amount of literature and the lack of postal delivery safety, he is also one of the few people in the entire world who always congratulates me on my birthday; how awesome is that?

It is even better if you realize that this is the artist who introduced a special kind of hedgehog music into the world & is such a prolific artist that if you would dive into all the works that he had done, alone or with his companionships; you probably will need a couple of light years to hear it all.
Probably not only light years, but also a lot of light beers. It could be heavy beers, but I thought if you drink those heavy ones you might pass out instead of listening to Avs Silvester’s music in a preferred hazy way.

This brand new album of him is all about hackers. It refers to Hacker activities, hacker business, hackers this and hacker that. But the music on itself is rather revealing as it makes a person question the high tech-ness and work style of the hackers in Ava Silvester’s surroundings. They aren’t clearly the ones that Hollywood made them into, they don’t seem to be the straight edged super nerds with green hair and gas masks on – running around like the main guy in the Matrix, hopping from one tech savvy adventure into another.

No these hackers here seem to be much more relaxed, less complicated and futuristic; they come across as a forest club, one that meet up with cute hopping bunnies, do dances together with those spiky hedgehogs, lick the bottom side of brightly colored frogs & probably do their hacking activities in the woods while pretending to be going on a picnic trip. It’s a great undercover cover! One that the ones out-to-be-hacked will never expect to be their hacking place of choice!

But don’t be entirely fooled as they are still doing their things, using their favorite command prompts and smart trickery to hack whatever they had wanted to hack. In this case Avs Silvester cracked the code of my difficult taste by making a psychedelic pleasurable album named ‘systems’.

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