Meme Vivaldi – 420 Deluxe

Artist: Meme Vivaldi
Title: 420 Deluxe
Keywords: experimental ambient drone new age noise tape music Virginia

At the Rehab Jazz Coctail organized by Meme Vivaldi we meet jolly dwarfs, tiny creatures that dance happily in their micro costumes and mini boots to the sounds of happily bright music. They throw in some words only other happy dwarfs could understand, but you just know it’s all about being jolly. They wobble around on a Valium like jazz sauce that is a bit odd to the ears for us biggies – but we will still are able to catch the funky swing of it all.

Memes Vivaldi sets out in another sweet music direction with the cute sounding piece that is lovingly titled ‘420’. This one is like a candy, very brightly colored, caring to the ears and psychedelic to the mind; a warm collage of mini mellow melodies and hanging tones that would even give the haters a hard time not to love! It’s the electric music to hold hands with and float around with while sniffing up the favorable green power puffs. So lovely!

To make things more odd, a long lasting track named ‘ARE YOU HAPPY’ is included. It feels like a drone work with the sensible questionable sentence ‘are you happy’ as the main ingredient. It comes across like a monk’s procession of sedated wisdom. A mindful scene that flows through the abyss that anyone in need can seek their holy grail of wisdom in. Personally I found some special information about myself that was previously unknown, but I think everyone should take their own journey and keep their found revelations private and secure: no spoiling beans here, but a pretty intense ambience of a journey.

After this we have a repetitive ‘you don’t know me’ text to speech robot voice and a beat for groovy excursions. It’s a simple delight that with its minimalism and simplicity simply gets the job done. What job? – exactly! The dwarfs will pop up and do it all for you; lovely little groovy helpers they are!

The search and sounds for spirituality seems to continue with the ‘London Ohm’. I can’t stop thinking that the Ohm is filled with the repeated call for ‘Harringey’ a borrow in London. I’m sure that’s not what it is, but who knows as with Meme Vivaldi anything seems to be possible. The artist decorated the rest of this work with some kind of atmospheric ambience. It’s all okay over here, no disturbing things or mad things to pen a essay about.

Another track titled Ho! It’s so short and got outshouted by a nearby cat at my window. So let’s skip rambling about that one and give some quick attention to the one that followed it. It is one that made me feel like walking into a Irish bar at the late drunken hour, the lonely die hard drinker is left when everybody else had gone home – smashing up the entire glass booze cabinet.

Vibronic Cola Windsurf is the one next in line, serving like the plaster on the freshly cut wounds of all the previously pieces of broken glass. Big synth manipulation seem to brought in to tell more of a story than playing out a actual straightforward music piece. It becomes more pretty as the story gets us into higher realms. If you listen well we can hear the sun and the sunshine & the good time vibes of spending a day within them! Nice and refreshing…

Last track standing is a live track named ‘Sonik Emoji’, here Meme Vivaldi hits all the previously hit boxes of spirituality, excessive synth goofiness, sparkling watery sounds, pretty intense and wonderful moments, silly symphonies, chilled out stories with an intensive smiley flavor. It comes across like taking a bath in a magical bubble bath in which melodies twinkle around, rub each other in with soap and give us all a lot of love and kind humor at the same time. A wonderful ride that will leave you feel entertained and inspired! A pretty journey of lovely creative melodic electric madness that you should hear if you had the ears to do so! Click here and you won’t be disappointed by your own enjoyment:

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