Od Rot Me! – Songs in the Style of Jandek

Artist: Od Rot Me!
Title: Songs in the Style of Jandek
Keywords: experimental blues folk jandek lo-fi outsider music United States

Od Rot Me sings songs in the style of Jandek sounds exactly as what the title implies: like Od Rot Me singing songs in the style of Jandek. If you don’t know Jandek or even Od Rot Me it will be your first introduction to both of them. It’s like two flies in one clap as if you enjoy Od Rot Me doing Jandek, you will certainly love Jandek doing Jandek.

If I say it well (screw the search engine! All information must come from my own scrambled head to be reliable!) Jandek is one of those artists that are considered highly acclaimed as a prominent outsider artist. I don’t know really why as I found his music reasonable and approachable, maybe not able to please the mainstream like for example a Bob Dylan and co, but in my ears – definitely able to make actual music and sing / write and record his thing without sounding troublesomely weird or disturbed.

It’s not the music that’s (I would say) worth to be hanged on the laughing stock, if anything; it’s pretty more personal and close to the man’s heart, dragging you in (or along?) it’s web of personality. To be honest, personally I do not really understand what the fuzz is about, why the music of Jandek (or in this case Od Rot Me) has to be outcasted into the realm of outsiders. As to my ears they sound much more inside, much more homely and closer to be called outsiders. Insiders would be a much better title to acknowledge their style. One insider artist doing music in the style of a pretty famous other insider artist – would be a much more proper description for this album experience.

If you do not have any idea in mind how this album will sound like, I think it’s easy to say that it’s like a bluesy folk, a voice and a guitar both dragging themselves through these recordings, while mumbling, jingling and jangling slowly like a procession that has all the time in the world, while at the same time sounding as if the end is neigh. Personally it made me feel like going in for a early night, closing the curtains to block out the sun & snuggle up under the blankets to add even more warmth to the songs that Od Rot Me had been playing. This Od Rot Me doing songs in the style of Jandek is a sleepy business and that’s alright with me…

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1 Response to Od Rot Me! – Songs in the Style of Jandek

  1. Yannis Ouamrane says:

    Great record , for sure ! Thanks for the working , YIKIS !

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